Today Ashlyn and I deviated from our usual routine. I spent the day with my bro-in-law, Patrick. He took some time off from work this week to recup. He came over and we went to lunch at Oscars. Aside from losing some weight (if that's possible...that Homeboy's skinny!), he's looking much better. Afterwards, I had a bunch of stuff to buy and exchange, so we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and Old Navy at the Marketplace. Then we hit up South Coast Plaza.
We walked the entire length of the mall! I dragged Patrick into more girly-stores than he wanted. Poor guy, I think he's had enough Bath & Body Works, Sephora, and women's clothing to last him a while. hehehe
Ooooh....Jose Eber was at South Coast Plaza today giving consultations at Carlton Salon. I caught a glimpse of him through the window.... signature long hair, tight jeans, and flamboyant cowboy hat. Very exciting! =)

I bought almost all the gifts needed except for my mom's birthday gift. It's really tough trying to buy something for someone who has almost EVERYTHING! Patrick got a call and needed to take care of some business, so I dropped him back off at the house. After feeding Ashlyn dinner, I realized that a shirt I bought was a bit tight. My fault for not trying it on earlier. I just assumed it was safe to grab a size small. *Ahem*...guess not. =P
I strapped Ashlyn into her seat and, once more, we headed back to the mall. I exchanged my shirt at A&F and picked up some additional items before leaving. I didn't get home until nearly 9pm. I missed "Dawson's Creek" again. *phooey!* But I saw bits and pieces of "Felicity". Ashlyn had an eventful day and hardly got in a nap which left her pretty grouchy tonight. I gave her a bath and got her ready for bed early. Aric surprised me by coming home from school earlier than usual. He just finished taking his midterm and was able to leave right after. We tucked Ashlyn into bed, I dropped another load of laundry into the wash, and started packing.

Being out all day today was tiring...and tomorrow we have to get up early to catch our flight.
I'm really looking forward to seeing my family and friends again! YAY! And I know everyone's dying to see Ashlyn. =D
Although I will miss Aric very much while I'm gone, I'll be able to get the break that I so desperately need. I'm going to keep this short and catch some Zzzzzzzzzzzzs. G'nite!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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