Ashlyn watching Cartoon Network this morning

Ashlyn...just loungin'

Ashlyn turned 7 months today! My observations this month? I noticed more (and darker) hair on her head this past month. YAY!...finally. She can pretty much sit up on her own now...although there are times when she gets so excited she throws her head back and falls over. We really have to be careful when she does that. She can stand by herself unassisted for a short time. She can now roll over from back to tummy easily. At first she only rolled on her right, but now she can roll from her left. She spends a lot of time on her tummy these days. She loves to eat solids. Her favorites are sweet potatoes, strained spinach, carrots, peaches, strawberries n' bananas, bread and tortillas. Her rash around her mouth is off and on...it's perpetuated by the acidic levels in her foods. For the most part, the rash is under control, but lately it's been flaring up again. She drools like mad these days. We suspect she's teething pretty bad now...but still, no sign of teeth. She learned to suck through a straw and enjoys hogging Aric's drinks. She's making all sorts of different noises now...."talking", singing, babbling, gurgling, cooing, shrieking, humming, blowing, yelling, gasping, smacking her lips, and laughing. She flaps her arms when she's happy. Her hand-eye coordination is impressive. She concentrates while examining things. She grabs for everything...especially my hair and Aric's glasses. She's easily pissy when you take something she's not suppose to play with away. She rubs her eyes or flicks at her ears when she's tired. She loves playing in the bath. She learned to grab her toes and even managed to get her toes in her mouth a few times. She doesn't like to wear socks or shoes and pulls them off herself. She mimics our facial expressions, and recently she started sticking her tongue out for fun. She not only loves attention (what else is new), but demands it. She enjoys music. She no longer minds long car rides. She's starting to wear 9-12 months clothes, and is weighing in at a heafty 21 pounds! It's time to switch her out of her infant car seat to a toddler car seat. *jinkies!* Her personality is really starting to come out now and she is such a charmer. =)

Over the weekend at Ann & Phil's party, I was able to watch Ashlyn interact with other babies. Even though she's the youngest, Ashlyn was a bit of a brute. While other babies gently reached out to touch or hold Ashlyn's hand, Ashlyn was aggressively grabbing their sleeve...practically yanking their clothes off. I had to pry her fingers away from their clothing and in a semi-laughing/semi-embarassed tone, I said, "no-no". When Hye Un asked me to watch Faith for her (while she tended to her son, Ethan). I had both babies on the couch together. They were lying side by side checking one another out. Next thing I know, Ashlyn rolled right over Faith and bull-dozed her. What a bully! =T HAHAHAHA!

I spent today playing with Ashlyn, checking email, reading, and watching TV. After Aric came home, we worked on Ashlyn's room. We touched up some parts with paint, installed the newly painted closet doors, patched the crack area around the window, and started putting up the wall border. The wall border was such a pain in the butt! You definitely need more than two people to apply the damn thing. Every time Aric or I would let go to get something, the border would fall...dragging the rest of the 15 feet strip with it. We finally had to cut it to be able to manage it. But then matching up the graphics was a tough task. The instructions seemed easy enough: submerge the pre-pasted border into water, wait 5 minutes, apply, and smooth with a damp songed to remove any bubbles. Yeah, my ass! Once applied and dried, the wall border would curl up along the edges or lift. It was a good thing we bought border glue. We had to apply the glue several times before it adhered cleanly. We went through only one roll before deciding to wait until tomorrow to finish it.

Ed and Sue came over. They brought soon-dubu from Kaju Soft Tofu . I made a couple of side dishes and we ate dinner. Then we hung out and watched "Kingpin" on TV. Aric and Ed swore that it was a good movie. Uh...I beg to differ. =P After they left, we watched "Crossing Jordan". Aric put his baby girl to bed and then started on his homework.

I took several pictures of Ashlyn today. Enjoy!

looking like a boy in her baseball cap

Ashlyn flapping her arms

Ashlyn playing with her new fascination...paper!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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