(Millie and Ashlyn - January 2002)
Wishing you a great birthday weekend! We'll celebrate again the next time I see you. BIG HUG!

Ahhhhh...Lazy Sunday! Aric and I slept in. We didn't wake up until 11am....and if it weren't for Mike's phone call this morning, I'm sure we would have gotten up later.
A lot of people are amazed (and envious) that we're able to get that much sleep with an infant. But let me just tell ya, Ashlyn's worse than we are!...she is a sleep-hog! hehehe Seriously though, I consider us pretty damn lucky. Ashlyn started sleeping through the night before she turned 1 month. Since then, she's been easliy sleeping 10-12 hours straight!
Aric and I lounged in bed watching Discovery Channel, planning out our day, and contemplated pancakes or omelettes when Ashlyn finally roused half an hour later.

Aric and I ate brunch at home, fed the baby, then went shopping. Ashlyn got a bunch of new clothes, two hats, and sunglasses. The sunglasses were not my idea, but it was way too cute to resist. As I was browsing the clearance racks, Aric rolled up with the stroller and said, "Check it out." I looked down at Ashlyn who was just kickin' back with new shades on. She's so chill...I thought for sure she'd rip them off and try to eat them, but she never did. So we got them for her. We spent the afternoon walking around the Marketplace, stopped off for Jamba Juice, then hit up Home D.

After coming home, Aric and I took turns touching up the paint in Ashlyn's room. I finally removed the masking tape trim, and the room looks pretty good. I'm doing wall borders next, and Aric's going to start on the clouds. It's coming along slowly but surely.

My mother-in-law, father-in-law, Patrick, Aric's Aunt, Uncle, and cousins stopped by to see the baby. They didn't stay long since their visit was unexpected (not that I mind). The evening was spent watching NBC's 75th Anniversary Special. That's about it. It was a nice relaxing day...and for once I had Aric all to myself! YAY! =D
Oh, before I forget...I just checked out Weezer's new video -"Dope Nose"....and our friend, Brian, is in it! VERY COOL! =)

Hope you had a nice weekend!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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