Today started off pretty nice. Because Aric didn't have to get up early for work, I was alloted time to take a long shower (and shave) while he took care of Ashlyn. After Aric left for school, I prepped the jello-shots and food for Phil's birthday party and checked emails while Ashlyn napped.
I picked up Wey on the way to Ann and Phil's house, and he helped me carry the crapload of stuff I took over to the party. Ann and Phil had a BBQ to celebrate Phil's birthday. When we walked in, I was surprised to see so many lil' ones at the party. Being the first of my group of tight-knit-friends to have a baby, it's rare to be around other people who have kids.

I spent the afternoon enjoying other people's kids, while eating and mingling. Aric joined me after school and we stayed there for most of the evening. It was nice to see most of Ann and Phil's wedding party there...it gave us a chance to get to know each other better. Ann recruited everyone to out-drink Phil. I had my obligatory drink with him...I had one of my jello shots and GAT-DAMN I made them strong! It tasted like congealed cough syrup. *nasty* Then everyone lined up for saki-bombs with the Birthday Boy. I was impressed...Phil was still standing when we left a little after 9pm. We would have stayed longer but Ashlyn started rubbing her eyes (a sign of exhaustion), plus with so much beer and Remy consumed, it started getting pretty rowdy. hehehehe
Pictures from today:

Jeff and Wey sharing a chair. Hmmmm...cozy.

Aric and Ashlyn

Emily and Ashlyn

Agnes' lil ones- Amber and Heather
(Aric and I think that Amber,the older one, looks like a girl-version of Tony as a kid!)

Hye Un's lil one- Faith sleeping

Gloria's lil' one- Kaylee

Lily's lil' one- Lauren

Gloria, Andy, Jeff, Phil, Chang, and Robert taking saki-bombs with Phil

Christine, Elena, me, Phil, Emily, and Tina taking saki-bombs. *blech*

Phil cutting his cake

me and Aric

Aric, Sue, Wey, Ed, and Ashlyn

me and Ashlyn

Aric and I spent the rest of the evening playing with Ashlyn and her toys while we watched TV. Caught bits and parts of SNL w/ Ellen Degeneres as host. Baby girl was pretty tired from today and went to bed pretty quick.

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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