Don't forget to get your Free Scoop of ice cream at Baskin Robbin's tonight!

Today was a quiet day. This week, thus far, has been full of quiet days. I spent the day talking to my mom, playing with Ashlyn, and surfing the net.
Oh, my bro-in-law, Patrick, was in the ER today. He called and said it matter of factly, as if he were just taking his car in for a tune up or something. It's his appendix. They're going to keep him overnight for observation and possibly surgery. *zoiks!* I hope he feels better soon! =(

Tonight Ed and I went to South Coast Plaza in search of a birthday gift. Aric had school and Sue had a meeting, so we were the ones left to hunt for a fitting gift for our friend. Ed strapped on the Baby Bjorn (which he's been dying to try out) and Ashlyn had a great time shopping with us. I had to warn Ed that Ashlyn has turned into Miss Grabby Hands, and that he needs to be careful of what he's standing next to...you know, glassware or knives or someone's hair. =P
All the sales-ladies thought Ashlyn was Ed's kid. He definitely loved the attention. HAHAHAHA!

Sue, Ed, and Ashlyn

After finding a good gift, we walked around some more then met up with Sue for dinner at Red Robin. We sat there eating and chatting for so long that by the time we left, we completely missed out on our Free Scoop at Baskin Robbins! *Shucks!* It's not like I'm in dire need of ice cream because I have a pint of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia and Triple Caramel Chunk in the fridge...plus, the other night, Aric brought home a pint of Dreamery's NY Strawberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Peanut Butter Chunk...but who can turn down FREE ice cream?! Oh well...next time.
Ashlyn and I got home around 11:30pm and Aric greeted us at the driveway. It's nice to be missed. =D

Forgot that tonight was Dawson's Creek nite. I wondered what happened. From the commercial, it looks as though Pacey was caught kissing someone other than Audrey. Well, I can always find out from their website.

Feeling a bit blue today...dunno why. But I'm going to bed early. G'nite!

Ashlyn and Eeyore...there was a time when she was smaller than the plush doll!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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