Have an awesome day, sweetie!

Woe is me...my poor sweet Winnie is not well. I hope she gets better soon! =(

Aric and I finally got around to paying off ALL of our credit cards. I can't begin to describe what a relief it is. *whew!* And if you know me and Aric, we had quite a lot between the both of us. I've been pretty good about not using my cards since we got married, but the bulk of the balance was from our wedding and plane tickets...lots of plane tickets! =O
So today, I spend most of the afternoon calling credit card companies and cancelling cards. Now I'm left with only 4 cards. BOO-HOO! Just kidding...they say that you only need about 2 (minimum) and 4 (maximum). I actually wanted to cancel all except 2, but a couple of them waived the annual fee and lowered my APR to a rate I couldn't turn down. *tee-hee* =P

I can't believe we're at the end of another month! This month went by pretty fast! The month of May should be fun...I'll be going up North not once, but twice! =) With all the weddings coming up, I realized that as much as Aric and I want to attend them all, we won't be able to. The hard part is picking and choosing. The same goes for birthday parties. It's tough dividing time between my life here and up North. *sigh*

Tonight's pretty quiet. Aric has homework, and I'm waiting for "Smallville". Then we'll probably work on Ashlyn's room later on tonight. Can I just tell you that this painting thing has snowballed into a bigger project? Not only do we want to finish Ashlyn's room and get started on other rooms, but decided to do the entire house! *yikes!*

Aric (hollering): "Peeeeeg...Smallville's on!"
Ack!....gotta go!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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