Today Aric, Ashlyn, and I went to Sophia's birthday party at a park in Aliso Viejo. Unlike yesterday's drab and inconsistent weather, today was a scorcher! We spent the afternoon at the park eating, talking to friends, and watching all the kids play. June got one of those huge inflatable bouncy castles for the kids, but I had to really fight the urge to climb in there myself. =P hehehe
Pictures from today:

Ashlyn's first time on a swing...Daddy giving her a lil' push


bouncy castle

Lil' Sophia-the birthday girl

Sophia blowing out her candles

Cade with frosting on his nose

Afterwards, Aric and I headed home. I was still drained from being out all day yesterday and wanted to take a nap, but I ended up cleaning up around the house, picking up all of Ashlyn's toys, sweeping up the backyard, and dumping garbage. Aric and I wanted to make another trip to Home D for more paint stuff, but Rob and Brooke were in the area so we waited for them. They came over and hung out for a while, then we grabbed dinner at Honda-Ya. Home D was pretty much closed by the time we were done. Rob and Brooke just signed a lease on an apartment really close by *YAY!*....so we drove them around, giving them a quick tour of the area and the important places to go...such at McDonalds, Taco Hell, El Pollo Loco, etc... hehehe
Pictures from tonight:

Ashlyn and Brooke

Brooke, Rob, and Ashlyn

Ashlyn and Aric

Ashlyn and me

When we got home, I gave Ashlyn a bath then put her to bed. Aric and I decided to put off the baby's room until tomorrow. I noticed that I got kind of sunburnt today....my nose, cheeks, shoulders, and forearms are bright red and tender. Forgot to apply sunscreen. *sigh*
Anyhow, hope you had a fun weekend. I know I did! =D

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