Happy Friday! I had a pretty eventful day today. Anne came over this afternoon to hang out. I dragged the poor girl to Babies R Us with me to buy some things for Ashlyn....mostly formula, baby food, and Diaper Genie Refills. I remembered to bring my coupons this time and I saved about $20! *Yeah baby!* I am a mad coupon clipper! The only person I know who shares in my passion for coupon clippings is IDRC-Mike. =D I get so excited over saving a buck or two (I sound like the Call Collect AT&T commercial). hehehehe
Afterwards, Anne treated me to boba tea at Tapioca Express. For some odd reason, the line wasn't out the door as usual...AND I got front door parking! We kicked it there for a bit, then came home for Ashlyn's next feeding.

Tonight Aric, Ashlyn, and I went out to dinner for Glenda's surprise birthday dinner. Wey and Gina planned this a while ago. I just had to be extra careful not to let it slip. A group of us ate at Maggiano's by South Coast Plaza. I've never been there before, but it's very similar to Buca Di Beppos (although I think the food is so much better than Buca). We had Calamari Fritte, Baked Stuffed Clams, two kinds of salad, two types of pasta, Chicken Parmesan, Fresh Fish of the Day, Spumoni, Tiramisu, New York Cheesecake with fresh strawberries, and birthday cake. *Mmmmm!*

3333 Bristol St.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626-1811
Tel: (714) 546-9550
Fax: (714) 546-9551
Carryout Phone: (714) 546-9555
Carryout Fax: (714)546-9757

Pictures from tonight:

Aric, Lisa, Danio, Grace, Sue, Jeff, Jen, Ashlyn, Ed, Eddie, Glenda, Wey, and Grace

Ashlyn and me

Aric and Ashlyn

Ashlyn, going to town on a piece of bread

Wey and Ashlyn

Sue, Jeff, Jen, Ed, Eddie, and Glenda

Glenda and her birthday inferno! HAHAHA!

cake cutting

Glenda and her pals

Everyone had a great time. We stayed till close to midnight before going our separate ways. I have another full day tomorrow so I'm going to bed. Have a great weekend yo!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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