I should really start up my Dream Log again. Lately I've been having a bunch of weird and vivid dreams. Last night I had two dreams: in the first dream, I was in love with another guy....a faceless guy. The dream left such a strong feeling of giddiness and excitement the entire day. The second dream was watching a videotape of my mom performing in a dance recital. She looked really beautiful in her colorful costume.
The night before, I dreamt that I was pregnant and going into labor. I don't know where Aric was in my dream, but I had to walk myself to the hospital. The nurses were trippin' out, and I kept assuring them that my water didn't break yet and that made it okay, then they wheeled me away to L&D. That dream was pretty realistic because it refreshed my memory of what contractions felt like. And the night before that, I dreamt that I bumped into Tony (my bro-in-law) at Macy's Home Department, and he greeted me with a big hug and a peck on the cheek! Which, in real life...THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN! =P hehehe

Today was a nice quiet day. I did some laundry, vacuumed, surfed the net, talked to Sarah, and played with Ashlyn. The weather's slowly getting hot, and the ants are starting to come out. I spent a good amount of time looking for stray ants in the kitchen and living room to squash. If you get rid of the scouts, they can't send in the army, ya know? hehehe I don't know if it's just me, but has anyone ever sat on an ant when going to the bathroom? Dude!...those lil' suckers can pinch pretty hard! *Yeow!*
Same time last year, Aric and I had a huge ant infestation problem. They came in from every tiny crack or crannie in search of food, water, and cool shelter. It took a million of those ant baits and a few perimeter sprays from Lloyd's Pest Control to finally get it under control. Hopefully it won't get that bad this summer.

Tonight Aric and I made another trip to Home D. We picked up some more paint, some glaze, some wall borders, a sea sponge, and paint thinner. I missed the 1-hour episode of "Friends" and the "N*SYNC-Larger Than Live" concert! =( I NEED TiVo!
After we put the baby to bed, Aric and I painted the bottom half of Ashlyn's room bright white. It made such a big difference! I didn't realize how dingy the original white paint got. With both of us painting, it only took an hour.
Anyhow, Aric got everything he needed to paint clouds on the ceiling. He's real excited about doing that. I'm a little hesitant... I worry that being the amateurs we are, we might jack it up...and repainting the ceiling will be such a bitch! =/ But then again, it may turn out great...we'll see. We'll probably get started over the weekend. Once the baby's room's done, I'll post pictures.

Well, I didn't take any pictures of Ashlyn today. But I'm going to share some pictures that Ivy and Oli took on their visit last time....wouldn't want my mom calling to complain. =P
Bath time pictures...get ready to see lotsa skin and rolls! =)

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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