Two weeks after posting my online voting thingamajig for "Who do you think Ashlyn most resembles?", here are the results:
30% -Both
29% -Aric
23% -me
18% -Neither

I expected more votes for Aric, since every one and anyone who has laid eyes on Ashlyn automatically exclaim, "wah!...little Aric!" But I won't complain. Trust me, I've heard it all. People call her "Arica", "Aric's lil' Mini-Me", etc... I was starting to feel left out. HAHAHA..kidding. I'm surprised and joyous that I even got 20%! WOO-HOO! =D

Good lord!...can I just tell you how incredibly sore I am today? My arms and back definitely got a work out. *ugh* So out of shape...my arms are sore in places that's never been sore before. Painting Ashlyn's room took a lot more out of me than I expected. Before going to bed last night, my hands and arms were quivering like a low-grade crack addict. =P

I took it easy today. Just spent the day responding to a mass of neglected emails and playing with Ashlyn. She's so much fun nowadays. She's learning all kinds of new tricks and sounds. Her favorite sound as of late is the gasping sound. She thinks it's so funny. Another sound she enjoys making is the blowing sound. I'm not sure where she picked this one up, but it's really amusing because she shuts her eyes tight, purses her lips together, and blows with all her might. Be cautious of your distance because spit kinda flies everywhere. hehehe But it's still fun to watch. Yesterday she learned to play peek-a-boo with her blankie. She'd cover her face, then pull it down, and today she started clasping her hands together and moving them up and down...you know, like little chinese kids at New Years for red envelopes. It's so cute!
Here are some of the silly faces she made today:


the "blowing" face

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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