Today Aric, Ashlyn, and I spent the day doing price comparisons for home improvement. The first thing on our list was carpet. We've been wanting to change the carpet for a while now...and now that Ashlyn may soon be crawling, we thought we better get a headstart. Both Aric and I never went carpet shopping before. The first place we went to, the sales people were busy helping other customers, so Aric and I walked around touching all the carpet samples.
There are so many different types!...Frieze, Textured Plush, Saxony Plush, Textured Saxony, Multi-Level Loops, Velvets, Berber Loop-Pile, Berber Cut-Pile, Cut/Loop, etc...
We don't know anything about carpets, but decided on Berber because it's extremely durable and great for active family rooms. The sales lady was pretty nice...she started off with the cheapest carpet in the style you want, calculates the pricing for you, then from there you can look into a higher quality and what not. No pressure.
The next place we went to was the exact opposite. The salesman, (looking a bit slimey with his open shirt, gold chains, and reeking of Brut cologne) right off the bat, showed us the expensive stuff. And when I tried to tell him that $4.69 a square foot was a bit too steep for our price range, he became rude, insulting, and gave up on selling us any kind of carpet. He was dead set on selling us the expensive stuff or nothing. He even went as far as talking to his manager and coming back with a 5% discount...which was still too much for us. I felt like he was selling us a car or something. Aric and I left shortly after that. If you're looking for carpet, I wouldn't suggest going to Carpet Emporium in Irvine. *huff* Afterwards, we hit up Home Depot and picked up some paint for the baby's room.

Ed and Sue just got back from their trip to Whistler and Chicago. We met up with them for dinner at Champs, then hung out with them for a while. When we got home, I had a really bad stomach ache. Don't know if it was the food I ate, but I went to bed early.
Hope you had a good weekend!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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