Our internet connection has been on the fritz again. I have no idea what's going on, but I love calling Aric at work to complain about it...even though he can't do anything about it. =P
Sorry for the delay in updates.

Today my inbox was blowin' up with Abercrombie & Fitch T-Shirt forwards. Everyone is pissed off and offended over these T-Shirts. I'm sorry...not to be a traitor to my nationality, because I've spent many years volunteering and promoting Asian Awareness, but I don't find these T-Shirts offensive. Maybe it's just me, but I think they're kinda funny. To me, they're no different than the ever-growing popularity of the T-Shirts with asiatic designs of dragons or Chinese characters that everyone's wearing these days. It must be the picture of the slanty-eyed cartoons, huh? Well *surprise-surprise* that's what we have...slanty eyes...so what?!
Or is it the fact that Abercrombie came out with them? Because no one I know gets offended when Ivy wears her Angry Little Asian Girl T-Shirt...and that character's got small eyes, vicious brows, AND she's flipping you off! I dunno...everyone's so sensitive and easily offended these days. I think in the last couple of decades, Asians have made, and continue to make, their mark in the US. I doubt a few T-Shirt designs would collapse what has been built. I examined the design, and it depicts what has been or continues to be part of our culture. There's no shame in that.
Just the other day, I was wondering why there are no Asian sitcoms. My conclusion is...it's hard to develop an Asian sitcom if you were to remove all the stereotypes. You could have a sitcom like an asian "Friends"...just get a bunch of good looking asian folks sitting around and gripe about life...but to gripe about life would be touching upon issues of family pressures or what not...and right there, someone would bitch and scream racism. C'mon, even "Friends" poke fun at themselves.
I could go on, but I won't. I can see my inbox blowin' up tomorrow with hate-mail. BRING IT! hehehehe

Tonight Aric, Ashlyn, and I had dinner with Aric's cousin, Eleanor, and her family. We've been meaning to get together for weeks now. Eleanor, Nathan, and their son William are wonderfully thoughtful people....always bringing homemade goodie for us everytime they visit. I'm always pitifully empty-handed. =P They're very proper and wholesome. Sometimes I worry if Aric and I may be a little bit too abbrasive for them (because we swear and I talk with my mouth full, etc..). But we had a really good time. Aric and I ventured away from the usual places we go to eat and tried Persian cuisine tonight. Eleanor picked this place in Tustin, and it was quite delicious. We had different types of meat-beef, chicken, lamb, and salmon, with saffron rice, flat bread, a walnut salad, and a sweet rice dish with dates, lentil, and mini raisins.
Halfway through dinner, Ashlyn was getting hungry. I brought her bottle, but I forgot the nipple at home. *smooth* I attempted to feed her by the strawful, but it just wasn't cutting it. Ashlyn was growing quite impatient, and her demanding yells resonated in the restaurant. Aric had to run to the closest supermarket to buy a bottle. =/ She was all good after she ate.

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