Today was another quiet day. This morning I gave Ashlyn a bath. Doesn't sound like much, but doing it all by myself is kinda tough. Because she squirms, kicks, and throws her head back a lot, I feel as if I need more than two hands. Ashlyn enjoys her baths though...she never freaks out when water gets on her face like Wil used to. hehehe As a kid, Wil was very hydrophobic. Totally my fault, since scaring her and drowning her were two of my all time favorite torture tactics. Yeah, I was an evil big sis. *Muahahahaha* I remember during our baths, Wil used to keep a handy washcloth nearby...ready to wipe away any drops of water that touched her face. Wil's better now. HAHAHAHA
Anyhow, I couldn't wait for Aric to get home to bathe her because she was beginning to smell like sour milk. As many mothers can relate, babies get what I like to call "cheesy neck". It's when milk or drool gets caught in the many folds of her neck (or any fold for that matter) Yeah, it's pretty gross. After her bath, I lotioned her up and gave her a bit of "air" time. Ashlyn loves to be nekkid. She laughs, flaps her arms and kicks with wild abandon.

I started feeding her fruit this week. Mostly banana, peach, and pear. The initial tartness made her make the most hilarious face. Once she got used to it, she inhaled the entire bowl. We spent the day playing. I'm determined to teach her how to roll with ease. I'm worried that she's falling behind. =/

Grace, Ashlyn, and me

Brian and Ashlyn

Tonight Brian and Grace came over. We had dinner at a O'Shine Cafe. It's like a chinese cafe. You know...the kind of place where you can order Chinese food or American dishes such as Filet Mignon for like $10.95 (borsch or salad, pasta or rice, and drink included). The place was aiight. I've had better in Monterey Park or at Sheng Kee Bakery up North in Milpitas Square or in the Pacific Rim Plaza in Albany. Afterwards, the guys had to run errands and take care of business, so Grace, Ashlyn, and I headed home. Grace and I watched "Smallville", then made dessert. We had ice cream crepes with fresh strawberries and bananas with gooey chocolate drizzle. It was YUMMY! =D

After they left, and Aric and I put the baby down to bed, I had the weirdest urge to clean the venetian blinds in our kitchen. Aric kept saying, "C'mon...just do it tomorrow". But after wiping down a couple slats, and he was able to see the huge difference, he rolled up his sleeves and joined me. Aric then decided to clean the greasy vent above the stovetop...which turned out to be a bigger project than we had both expected. But hey, if he's on a roll, who am I to stop him? We worked in the kitchen till 2am. CRAZY! *YAWN*...I'm tired!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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