Last night after Wil, Tony, Ivy, and Oli got in, we went to The Cheesecake Factory for dessert and coffee. It was such a warm night. We walked around for a while then headed back to our place to watch TV and hang out. As the guys dozed off, we stayed up till 3am chatting.

my cutie patootie

Ivy, Ashlyn, and Oli

Ivy, me, and Ashlyn

Today was another hot day. Ivy, Oli, Ashlyn, and I had lunch at Oscars at The Marketplace in Irvine/Tustin. We ate out on the patio by the water fountain. Wil, Tony, and Aric couldn't join us...Wil and Tony met up with Tony's parents for lunch, while Aric went to school. We walked around, then met with Wil and Tony at Northpark Square. Afterwards, we all headed back home and got ready for Ivan and Susan's wedding.
The wedding was held at the Hyatt Newporter in Newport Beach. The lovely ceremony was followed by a lavish cocktail reception and grand banquet. Ivan and Susan's wedding was a reunion for a bunch of Southern and Northern Cal friends. I saw so many people I haven't seen in ages!...college friends, mutual friends, chinese school friends, party friends, and a guy from my high school (who's currently in residency with Ivan). *whoa!* Many were surprised that I had gotten married..then were delightfully shocked to meet Ashlyn.
It was really nice seeing and catching up with everyone. The bride and groom looked absolutely radiant and happy. =) The entire evening was beautiful and wonderfully fun. I especially loved the bountiful floral arrangements, floating candles, and the boba tea station! *Kickass!* Yeah, I know...I'm raving on and on, but I'll keep it short since I have lots of pictures from the evening. Let's just say that it was a perfect night. We had a great time!
Pictures from today:

the ceremony

Oli, Ivy, me, Aric, Reina, Wil, Tony, and Ashlyn at the cocktail reception

Aric (double-fisting) and Emily

me and Aric

the banquet room

me, Wil, Ivy, and Reina at our table

me and Aric with our lil' princess

Wil and Tony

Tony and Ashlyn

our family friend, Debbie, with Wil

Reina, Susan, and Ashlyn

the groomsmen-Henry, Kenji, Paul, Alton, and Ed

Ivan and Susan, cutting the cake

me and the handsome groom

Aric, Tony, Wil, Oli, Ivy, Ashlyn, and I didn't get home till past midnight. After getting out of our party clothes and into our jammies, we stayed up snacking and talking until everyone couldn't keep their eyes open (literally). What a fun day and night! *YAWN!* I'm pooped!

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