HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY to Vincent!

Happy Friday! I spent the morning cleaning up and vaccuuming in preparation for Wil, Tony, Ivy, and Oli's visit. They're flying in tonight and staying the weekend. I'm really excited to see them!

Anne and Ashlyn

For months, Anne and I have been saying we should get together...today we finally did. She came over and hung out for a bit, then we went to Tapioca Express for boba tea and fried chicken and calamari. As usual, the place was packed with teeny-boppers. We sat on the cushy sofa to talk and people-watch....mainly trying to guess everyone's age. The older I get, the harder it is to tell. There was a young couple sitting near us...the guy sported hair similar to DragonBall Z characters and the girl looked no older than 15 or 16. Kids these days are kind of rude...especially in large groups. Something about being in a big group that allows them to feel confident enough to be outwardly obnoxious. I like to consider myself pretty open-minded, but after looking around, I stared Ashlyn squarely in the face and said, "You're NEVER hanging out here when you grow up!" She just laughed in my face. Yeah...well deserved I suppose.
Tapioca Express is serving something new...mini tapiocas! The guys asked me if I wanted regular or mini tapioca, and I looked at him like a retard. He repeated himself, and I opted for the mini. The mini tapiocas are cool...you use a regular straw, not those huge turbo straws...so I hopefully I won't encounter any choking-problems. HAHAHAHA! Ashlyn's starting to grab at my drinks these days...ever since her Uncle Tony introduced her to ice water from a straw. So she was busily trying to grab my cup. I fed her a little bit of Jasmine milk tea. Anne wondered if the caffeine would make her wired. Twenty minutes later, Ashlyn was passed out asleep, with her blanky pulled over her face....even with the music blaring. *shrug* I guess it didn't hurt.
Afterwards, we walked around Ranch 99, picked up a few items, then came home. I loved hanging out with Anne. She's one of a few that I feel completely comfortable with. There are some people you naturally click with and she's one of them. It's a relief not to have to worry about going through the formalities of getting to know someone, or being awkwardly courteous, or keeping conversations light. She's my kinda girl.

Pictures from today:

me and Ashlyn at Tapioca Express

Anne and Ashlyn


Wey, Aric, and I are having dinner tonight. We'll probably take Wil, Ivy, Oli, and Tony out once they get in.
Have a great weekend!

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