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(thanks to Wey and Dave for the heads up)

Last night after Aric came home from school, I was not my usual upbeat chatty self. It caused Aric to be concerned.
Aric: "Are you okay?"
Peg: *yawning* "I'm really tired."
Aric: "What did you do today?"
Peg: "hehe...not a DAMN thang!"
If I get no sleep, I'm fine as long as my days are busy and productive. But let's say I had 10 hours of sleep but don't do much, then ironically, I'm butt-tired. Wierd, huh?

I was so lost watching Dawson's Creek last night. The last time I watched it, Dawson and Jen just hooked up and revealed it to the rest of the group. Then in last night's episode, they're already broken up. Hmmmm?! Grace and I were talking about that show before and we both agreed that the dialogue is unbelievably mature for their age. They always seem to know exactly what they're feeling and why they're feeling it at any given moment...even during testy times. I'm respectively 10 years older than their characters, but at that age, I wouldn't be able to think straight let alone formulate a clever and articulate dialogue if...let's say I'm trying to break up with someone. Check out the lines exchanged between Jen and Dawson:
JEN: I got out of that cab four years ago, feeling so misplaced, and then I saw you. This open, innocent, happy person. I thought, that is the boy. The one to bring me back to planet earth. I put everything into you. Even when we didn't work, I always thought it was my fault, my mistake for not being good enough for the world's most perfect boy....

JEN: No, no, not like that. It's just… somewhere in the middle of this wonderful thing that was you and me, I forgot how to live without you in mind. And that's probably the idea of love for a lot of people, to be part of a whole. But I want to be a whole person to begin with. You should have a whole person. And there's not a whole lot of doubt in my mind that you're the perfect guy. I should probably just marry you now so I can live a life free of regrets, but from what I hear, that's impossible. I'll regret something at some point, and then we'll be forty and I'll pack a band and take a plane somewhere and leave a note that explains nothing.
DAWSON: And you don't want to break my heart.
JEN: Not like that, Dawson. You deserve so much more than that.
DAWSON: This is so much better.
JEN: No, it pretty much sucks any way you look at it.

WHAT THE HELL?! Someone please translate. I have no idea what they just said, but I don't know anyone who talks like that. =P I was surprised to see Meredith Salenger make a guest appearance. She's old school. She's probably most famous for playing Lainie Diamond in the movie "Dream a Little Dream". Did she do anything else notable since?..."Lake Placid" comes to mind. Yeah, I remember the most useless trivial things. *sigh*

I asked Wey to take me to Costco today. Aric has membership, but he wasn't going to be home until late. Wey pushed Ashlyn around in her stroller while I shopped. Aric got out earlier than expected and met us there. Afterwards, the guys grabbed us dinner at Baja Fresh, while I took the baby and groceries home. The problem with shopping at Costco is...even though you're getting a great deal, where the heck are you supposed to store everything?! I had to rearrange the freezer just to get all the meat in. I found our cake-top hiding in the back (the one you're suppose to eat on your first Anniversary). So I brought it out to thaw. I don't know if we're really going to eat the whole thing, it doesn't look very good. Maybe Aric and I will feed each other one bite, like at our wedding, then toss it out. =T
The guys watched the Laker game and I watched Friends, Will and Grace, Just Shoot Me, and ER.

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