HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lil' sis, WIL!

(clockwise from top left: grade school, jr. high, wedding day, high school)
Wishing you a day just like you...bright and beautiful! I love you, Mei!

Today started off like any other day...Ashlyn wakes up first. I heard her cooing and playing in her crib. I drag my sleepy self up and bring her into bed with me for some cuddling. After a few minutes, when I'm fully awake, I get up to brush my teeth and get dressed. Ashlyn's left in the middle of the bed to play. But this morning, as I was coming out of the bathroom, I heard a dull THUD. I looked over and saw Ashlyn face down on the carpet!
Ashlyn cannot roll over with ease...she's usually struggling just to get on her side. But she's a kicker...and from my assessment, she probably scooted herself to the edge of the bed, did a backflip, and belly-flopped onto the carpet. (I must say...Homegirl's landing was beautifully executed.) =P For a second, her mouth was wide open but no sound came out, then she let out a huge cry. I scooped her up and rocked her while examining her face and head, then I planted kisses all over her face. She settled down to a low prolonged whimper with her eyes tightly shut. After a minute of long dragged out whimpering, she peeked out from under her lids, saw my raised brow, and then smiled brightly (drama queen!). I was relieved to see that she was okay. With all the "NEVER LEAVE A CHILD UNATTENDED" disclaimers, I managed to disregard that. I really didn't expect her to move that much. They always say that babies fall when you least expect it. They were right. Lesson learned indeed....too bad it was at Ashlyn's expense. =T

Not much else happened today. I spent the day cleaning house, vaccuming, and doing laundry. I paid extra close attention to Ashlyn...watching out for anything out of the ordinary. She seems fine. *whew* Okay folks, break it up...keep movin'...nothing to see here.

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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