Peg & Aric at 6 months
(see...we both don't have hair! Sad.)

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Today Ashlyn and I got up kinda late. My bro-in-law, Patrick, came over to pick up a duffel bag for his trip to NY. He hung around and we got a chance to catch up on things. After he left, and Ashlyn went down for a nap, I attempted to download the many pictures I took on my recent trip and work on the webpage. It still blows me away how much traffic I get on a daily basis these days. I was looking through my webpage statistics and I get hits from as far as Slovania, Norway, the Netherlands, and Austria! WOW!
As of last month, my mom's been actively following my site. Mainly to see her precious grand-daughter's pictures, but she commented on how I should be prudent in how I convey myself to the public (more specifically, I should quit swearing). HAHAHAHA! Hilarious!
Aric got a bit antsy...thinking that if she's on pegpower, then she could easily access his webpage, and considered removing some things from his site. *roll eyes* I told him not to sweat it. I mean, we are who we are.

Wey dropped by after his bike ride. Much to his disappointment, Aric wasn't home from work yet, so he hung out with me and Ashlyn for a bit. Once Aric got home, we had to deliver some stuff to his dad. We had dinner at my Father-in-law's place and stayed there most of the evening. By the time we got home, it was Ashlyn's bedtime. We put her down, and Aric and I got to tend to our own things.

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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