Didn't do much today...still getting settled in. I just cleaned up around the house, dusted, sorted through laundry, and put some stuff in the garage. Aric did a good job keeping things neat while I was gone, but he forgot to throw out some stuff from the fridge. By the time I looked in there, some things sprouted legs and were ready to walk out the fridge by themselves. hehehe Also, Aric never checks the answering machine...so I had messages on there from a couple of weeks ago! Aric's cousin, Eleanor left several messages, and I swear she must think we're so rude. =/

Since we spent our anniversary on the road yesterday, Aric surprised me with dinner plans. We dropped Ashlyn off at Ed and Sue's before heading to dinner. I was surprised to find out that our dinner reservations were in LA. It's rare, if ever, we should venture out of the Irvine area. We ate at Water Grill downtown. Aric heard that it was a pretty good place. Downtown LA, after work-hours, was pretty quiet and deserted.

The restaurant was really nice. Contemporary decor utilizing a lot of maple and frosted glass. Cozy booths, stylish tables and chairs, recessed lighting, marble columns, and fresh flowers at every table. Water Grill has been hailed by the internationally recognized Zagat Guide as "the best seafood restaurant in Southern California." For the first course, Aric ordered White Chowder, while I had Sashimi of Hamachi. For our main course, I order the Filet of Beef while Aric got the Seabass. The food was incredible. The wine was aiight. The dessert and coffee was delicious. It was really nice to have dinner...just the two of us. It's been a while since we've done that. =)

544 S. Grand
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Tel: (213) 891-0900
Fax: (213) 629-1891

We got back to Ed and Sue's a little after 11pm, and hung out there for a while. Aric and I took these personality tests while we were there and discovered that we're pretty opposite. Yeah, not news to me. I'm extremely extroverted, while Aric is more the introverted type. Sue and Ed were opposites, too. I found out that Ed and I are very similar people. Hmmmm, scary thought. hehehehe

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