me and Aric last year

the people near and dear to our hearts...our wedding party:
Dai-Lo, Ann, Wey, Cin, Jeff, Wil, Bett, Ed, Ivy, and Mike

Holy Socks!...has it been a year already?! I can't believe how fast time flies. Before I know it, I'll be old and gray. But if the years are anything like the past 12 months, then I won't mind at all. The past 12 months has brought me happiness beyond my imagination. It has shown me the meaning of real understanding, kind, patient, and unconditional love. Friendship, companionship, teamwork, and loyalty that is constant and unfaltering. I owe it all to Aric. He is incredibly devoted, supportive, encouraging, caring, loving, and a great husband. May our days continue to be blessed with good fortune.

I was thrown off by the time change. We wanted to get up early and pack up our stuff, but ended up waking up around noon. Aric and I packed up our things and loaded up the car. We had lunch with my mom at home and spent some time with her before driving back South.
The weather was beautiful, and we took our time driving back. We stopped off at a fruit/vegetable stand off of Pacheco Pass for some artichokes, other produce, hot sauce (for Ed and Sue), and fruit. The drive wasn't too bad. We talked and listened to CDs. Aric was subjected to listening to my RENT soundtrack. hehehe Ashlyn loved it! We pulled over at another stop for food and potty break.
We made it into LA in 5 hours. We stopped over at Brian and Grace's, and had a late dinner with them. By the time Aric, Ashlyn, and I got home, it was nearly 11pm. We put the baby down to bed, then we unloaded the car, unpacked our stuff, went through the mail and other things.
*YAWN* I'm pooped! Hoped ya'll had a great weekend! =)

Pictures from today:

Aric and Ashlyn in front of the fruit/veggie stand

Grace, Brian, and Ashlyn

Aric, me, and the baby

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