This morning Aric and I got up eariler than usual to go look at some model homes in the area. Not that we're looking to move or buy a new house right now, but we like seeing what's out there. We looked at the Madisons off Delta Road in San Jose. Damn!...these houses are phat! The smallest model was still livin' large, and the largest model was over 3,800 sq. ft, boasting subzero fridge, commercial stovetop and ovens, six bedrooms, four and a half baths, and a four car garage! The lady in the sales office wouldn't disclose pricing with us. Due to the demand, I'm sure they'll jack up the price even more. But we're speculating high $900K (not including upgrades). CRAZY!
Aric and I grabbed some coffee at Starbucks and bought some stuff at Long's before meeting up with family and extended family for lunch.

I'VE GOT A NEED FOR SPEED! Afterward lunch, a large group of friends met up at SpeedRing for Wil's pre-birthday celebration. I've never raced karts in an indoor track before. It's serious stuff. We had to sign waivers, watch a safety video, put on racing suits, and a bunch of other protective gear before actually racing. It was fun! It's also a bit of a workout....after a half an hour on the track, you're completely drenched in sweat. Sarah watched the baby while I raced. Out of 15 racers, I came in 12th position. Sucks yo. Aric came in 6th. He complained that he would have made Top 5 if he wasn't so darn heavy! HAHAHAHA! After racing, we had reservations for dinner at Korea House. More friends came to join us, and we celebrated in a semi-private room in the back. Tony ordered a gang of food, and the restaurant also gave complimentary dishes and beers because of how much we had ordered. An interesting dish came out that I've never had before...it was a raw beef dish, served with raw egg, slivered apples, and pinenuts. It looked really...uh, raw...and not a lot of people cared for it. I loved it. I usually like my steaks rare and I enjoy raw stuff like poke, sashimi, carpaccio, etc. This dish actually tastes like poke.

2900 Mead Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95051
Tel: (408) 567-9952

2340 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA
Tel: (408) 838-7304

When dinner was over, we continued the party at D&B's. Yeah, I know...been going there a lot lately. We didn't stay long though. Afterwards, we went to Wil and Tony's place for dessert, gift-opening, and SNL. Sis, Chris, Amanda, and Marisa came over too. We hung out until after midnight, then I noticed that both Aric and Ashlyn had fallen asleep. So I hugged everyone goodbye and took my family home.

Today was eventful and fun! It was also Ashlyn's half birthday...yep, she turned 6 months today! So what are my observations about her this month? She loves to bounce while standing. She can sit better and longer unassisted. She likes napping with the blanket over her face. She's VERY vocal now, and tries to "sing" (her falsetto is hilarious). She recognizes me and Aric, and is starting to be more selective to who's holding her. She has a staring problem. She likes to examine things intently. She kicks a lot...making diaper changing impossible, and she waves her arms uncontrollably. She loves to pull hair (not her's, obviously). She started to roll from back to side and also tummy to back. She loves ice water and chewing on her fingers. She scrunches her nose when she's amused, and she's easily startled. I'm telling ya, the things she learning these days come leaps and bounds. It's really amazing!

Pictures from today:

Sarah my super-duper-uper babysitter! THANKS!

Tony, Wing, Lim, Steve, Wil, Oli, me, Aric, Aaron, Ivy, Alfred, Angie, and Mayu after racing

The girls checking out our lap times

everyone at Korea House

The birthday-girl, Aaron, Mayu, Sarah, Parkin, and Tony

Excuse me, but do we have anything in our teeth? HEHEHE
(yeah, poor Ashlyn...she has weird parents)

The whole gang from top left to right: Aaron, Reina, Herb, Bett, Steve, Wil, Darwin, Angel, Alfred, Peter, Parkin, Sarah, Erik holding Ashlyn, Mayu, Wing, Oli, Aric, me, Tally, Ivy, Angie, and Paul
(Damn...Asians roll deep!) HAHAHA

Angel, Darwin, Matty, Wing, and Aaron

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