Today was a kick back day. I had lunch with Steph, Chris, and Eric at work. It was nice seeing them again, and the president of the company offered me my old job back. As temping as it was, I had to decline. I hung out there for a bit, then headed over to Wil's since Tony took the day off.
We just sat around and watched TV. We watched a "Tom Green in Japan" thing...it was pretty funny. Tom Green is whacked, and my face was hot with embarassment for him. He basically ran around Japan making a fool of himself. Aric had once told me about the "panty dealers" in Japan...where men can purchase young schoolgirl's used panties. It's pretty twisted and perverted if you ask me. So anyway, Tom Green tracked down a "panty dealer", and the dealer had bins of panties sealed in plastic bags, with the girls' pictures on them. It was all nicely organized and you can shuffle through them as you would if you were buying a CD. *gross*

We didn't get to finish watching the show because we had to meet our parents for dinner at Pasta Pomodoro. My family really likes that place...it's convenient since it's not too far from where we live. Aric drove up to meet us for dinner. He was happy to see us, especially his lil' girl! After dinner, we went home and hung out. Aric and Tony drove Bro's car around the neighborhood. Aric came back with a huge grin on his face. I know he wants a 911 too...what guy wouldn't, ya know?...but he can keep dreaming. hehehe

We spent the evening hanging out at home with the family and catching up. I missed him.
Pictures from today:

ESlake and me

me and Steph

Wil, Tony, and I at Pasta Pomodoro

Dad and Mom

Tony, Wil, and Ashlyn

Auntie Wil making Ashlyn smile

Aric, back from cruising

Awww yeah!

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