Bett came over this morning and we met up with Wing for lunch. I haven't seen Bett since D's surprise party (she's in the midst of moving right now). It meant a lot to me that she took time out of her busy schedule to spend the day with me. Bett, Wing, and I ate at TK Noodle, then Bett and I dropped by my old work for a visit. In past emails, Mary had lightheartedly scolded me for not visiting whenever I was in town...so this time I made it a point to stop by. We stayed for a while, but I felt bad taking everyone away from their work. The growing crowd around the baby caused such a distraction for others...and should the Big Boss walk by, it wouldn't look too good. =/ Afterwards, Bett and I grabbed boba tea on the way home. We got a bag of fried chicken bits to share, and the smell of it always reminds me of the day I gave birth. HAHAHAHA The aroma of spicy chicken bits had filled my delivery suite. Funny how we associate certain smells with a specific time/occasion.

Ivy met up with us at my place, and we spent the remainder of the afternoon with Marisa and the twins. When Bro came home from work, he gave each of us a ride in his 911. *sweet!* At one point, he took the car up to 100mph! The only draw back to riding in a convertible is that afterwards, I could barely get a comb through my hair! Oh, and not to mention that my Bro was blasting his fob-techno beats as we cruised. HAHAHAHA Mid-life crisis, I tell ya.

Ivy joined my family, cousins, Bro and the kids for dinner. We dropped Ashlyn off at home before heading over to Wil and Tony's. Wil, Tony, Ivy, and I hung out, watched ER, and surfed the web. My mom called around 11:30pm, as I was getting ready to leave, telling me to come home quick. When I came through the door of my parent's place, I can hear Ashlyn screaming. It was past her bed time and I've never heard her cry like that before. Poor baby's face was beet red and she cried so hard she had a difficult time catching her breath. It was cute and sad at the same time. I was able to calm her down and put her to bed. I don't really know why she was so upset...my only guess is Ashlyn's starting to recognize people these days, and I think being tucked in bed by someone other than me or Aric was unnerving for her. I had mixed emotions...I was happy that she finds comfort in my presence and routine, yet the thought of her relying solely on me to go to sleep peacefully is somewhat of a burden. I mean, what if I can't be there ALL the time? Makes me weary about the upcoming Girl's Trip. =T Hopefully she'll be better by then. *fingers crossed*

Pictures from today:

Wing and Ashlyn...gosh, this pic looks familiar

Big smile!

me and Bett

Bett, me, and Ivy at Sis'

Marisa and Bett

Ivy, Ashlyn, and Bett watching Zoog Disney

Wil, me, and Ivy hangin' at Wil's

I got an email from Craig today. He wrote: "what are you doing with dat baby? you drawing a goatee on her or somethin'? its kinda early for halloween dontcha think? hahaha jk.....take care of that baby and stop drawing all over her! hahaha jk "
Yeah..now that I look at Ashlyn's pictures, she does look like she's sportin' a goatee. hehehehe Well, her rash is finally healing now. It'll just be a couple more days before the redness fades.

Dude...my counter hit 15, 000 yesterday! I had no idea I was getting THAT many hits everyday. CRAZY! From talking to everyone, I've realized that the reason anyone checks this site is mainly for the pictures. Hmmmm, I guess I need not waste my time on composing text, huh? *boo-hoo* =P Well, I aim to please...I try to post as many pics up as I can without taking too much of my host's space. And as BT says...this journal's not only for me, my friends, and family, but for Ashlyn as well. After she's all grown up, she can read back and see the chronicles of my life and hers.

Ashlyn's pics of the day

she's starting to look like a little person! *sniff*

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