Today was a pretty relaxing day. Ashlyn and I spent most of the day with Chris, Amanda, and Marisa. My parents got back from Vegas this afternoon and they both went straight to the office, so Ashlyn and I stopped over to visit with them for a bit before Wil picked us up...and then Wil, Ashlyn, and I headed up to San Mateo for dinner with Cin.

We were hoping to make tonight an official Girl's Nite Dinner, but Bett had a previous engagement and Ivy was feeling a bit under the weather. Cin, Wil, and I still managed to make it a typical GN by eating at Hotaru's (our all time favorite place), walking along 3rd Avenue, and hanging out at Starbucks. Wil and Cin were eerily on the same wave length by wearing similar outfits. Cin jokingly asked, "Peg, didn't you get our "RED PANTS" memo?" HAHAHAHAHA Reminds me of all the times Bett and I used to show up wearing the exact same things. It was really weird...people used to think we planned it out that way, but it's just our cosmic connection. =P

Wil and Cin in matching outfits

me and Cin

Cin and Ashlyn

We spent the evening discussing our plans for another trip. We're looking into a cruise along the Mexican Riviera. We also entertained the idea of going to Thailand...which would cost about the same (except we would waste two days on the plane). We want to utilize as many days off enjoying our vacation. We threw around some more ideas, but will probably get a clearer picture when we get the other girls' input. Any suggestions?
Cin, Wil, and I left after a Starbucks employee informed us that they were closing. As always, the evening was full of laughs, conversations, reminiscing, gossip, and teasing insults. I had a great time! =)

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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