Today Ashlyn and I hung out with my nieces. My bro-in-law was home wiping dust off of his brand new car. He and Sis splurged on a 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera! Crazy pimps! I don't know what's gotten into the both of them...they probably caught their second wind on youth or something because they're both looking, feeling, and dressing better in years! They're also competing in who's in better shape, too. hehehe That's cool. I wonder if Aric and I will get that way twenty years later? Hmmm. The only disadvantage to living across the street from my parents is that my parents (being very conservative people) frowned upon that extravagant purchase...causing my bro-in-law to feel like he has to hide his new "baby". I made fun of him about it, but he cares so much about how my parent's feel...he's going to continue to cruise his ride after dark. Pointless, if you ask me. But whatever. Here are pics of Bro's new car:

Sis, Wil, Tony, Marisa, Ashlyn and I went to Red Robin for dinner. Afterwards, we walked around Eastridge (the ghetto) Mall. Wil, Sis, and I stopped off at Express and Forever 21. Wil and Sis got a couple of cute tops at Forever 21. I didn't get anything...not because I didn't want to, but because after having Ashlyn, their clothes don't fit right on me. To pull off their clothes, you have to have a tight body. Peg does NOT have that. =T My friends (who have kids) and I were complaining that even after you lose all your pregnancy weight, your body's never quite the same. Oh well.

Sis and Ashlyn

Ashlyn and Marisa

We headed back to Wil and Tony's for dessert and watched TV. I'm hooked on "Smallville" now. Kristen Kreuk, who plays Lana Lane is absolutely adorable. We stayed for a little bit then left. I feel kinda bad for keeping Wil and Tony up every night lately. Sis asked if I wanted to hang out with her, but Ashlyn was ready to go down for the night...so I just went back to my parents' place. Talked to Aric and Ed on the phone while checking email and worked on the webpage.

Ashlyn's pic of the day
...her rash is finally getting better. YAY!

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