Sis, Chris, Amanda, Marisa, Wil, Ashlyn, and I were invited to an Easter BBQ hosted by one of my mom's business friends at his Ranch house. The drive to his estate was beautiful. It was such a gorgeous day, too. When we finally got there, we were surprised to find out that the BBQ was far from being small and intimate. There were a couple of hundred people there! We felt like we walked in on a huge Persian family reunion. Max and his family and friends were overwhelmingly generous and welcoming. My sisters and I, along with the kids, enjoyed a BBQ lunch, live band, dancing, and an Easter Egg hunt. Max's ranch is HUGE, with lots of horses, cows, dogs, and other live-stock. After the egg hunt, Max had all the kids line up as he handed each child a crisp new Five Dollar Bill! DAMN!...big pimpin'! There must have been at least 50 kids there!

Pictures from today:

me, Sis, and Wil

Ashlyn sitting up on her own...kinda

Ashlyn's first Easter!

the kids preparing for the egg hunt

more hunting

Chris, Amanda, and Marisa showing off their finds

me...looking down at the BBQ site

The girls encountering one of Max's horses on the way back to our car

After leaving Max's BBQ, we found shelter from the hot sun at our local Starbucks. The kids ran to ColdStone's for ice cream.
Funny thing...Corina and Tony, who moved up just days prior (from my neighborhood down South), walked into Starbucks as my sisters and I were kickin' back our frappucinos. They literally live a hop, skip, 'n jump away from my folks' house now. WOW!
I spent the evening with Marisa, Wil, and Tony. I made us dinner and we watched The Jamie Kennedy Experiment and Off Centre. I spent most of the night uploading pics on my laptop.

Well, it's the last day of this month. I can't believe how fast it flew by! GREAT NEWS!
...a perfect end to a perfect month: this weekend I found out that a few of my friends got engaged!

CONGRATULATIONS to Chinch and Sarai!

CONGRATULATIONS to Darwin and Angelica!

And a very special CONGRATULATIONS to my Parkin and my Sarah! *squeal!*

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