Today I took my cousins, Heather and Eva out to lunch...a small token of appreciation for all the times they watched Ashlyn for me when I was home last time. We went to Miyakes in Cupertino and stopped by Lollicup, for boba tea, on the way home. It was fun hanging out with them. The times that I get to really sit down and dish with them is far and few. Even when I used to live at home, our schedules conflicted so much that the only time I would actually see them is when we'd run into one another in the bathroom that we shared.
After lunch, Wil and Tony came by to pick me up. We met up with Cin and Matty at Dave & Buster's. Matty's been on a D&B kick since his last visit to Hawaii. Something about playing those coin games that substitutes his desire to gamble. hehehe We ate dinner there, played some more, then headed over to Wil and Tony's to hang out. Cin and I ended up being the only ones still awake to watch SNL...everyone was so tired that they just dozed off. SNL was a rerun with Derek Jeter as host and Shakira and Bubba Sparxx as musical guests.

Pictures from today:

me, Ashlyn, and Heather

me, Ashlyn, and Eva

Eva, Heather, and Ashlyn

Matty, Wil, and Tony shooting hoops as Cin watches on

Wil, Cin, and Ashlyn enjoying a Smirnoff Ice

Wil and Tony

Matty, Cin, and me

My Ashlyn and me

Tony and Ashlyn...loving the glass of ice water.
HAHAHA...look at her funny face! =D

I got back kinda late, but still managed to catch my parents before bed. They're leaving for Vegas tomorrow morning for a conference (yeah..sure). hehehe Stayed up, chatted with my mom, did some laundry, and talked to Aric on the phone. *yawn*..I'm pooped!

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