Lyle and Denise (Hawaii 2001)

Today Ashlyn and I went out with Sis, Chris, Amanda, and Marisa. We had lunch in Cupertino, then shopped at Valley Fair since I needed to pick up a few birthday gifts. My nieces and I spent quite a while in the Build-A-Bear Workshop. I got each twin a bear as a belated birthday gift and we went through the whole cool process of picking out the animal "skin", stuffing it, inserting a heart, and registering your bear (complete with a birth certificate and everything). I got a kick out of the cute lil' outfits and costumes you can buy your stuffed animal...including Sketcher shoes!!! =)

Sis, Ashlyn, and Marisa

cousins: Chris, Amanda, Marisa, and Ashlyn

Sis and her kids

After shopping, I dropped Ashlyn off with my parents and headed up to the City with Wil and Tony for D's surprise birthday party. D and Lyle are visiting from Hawaii, so it was a special treat being able to celebrate D's birthday with her. A huge group of us met at Wall Street Restaurant & Bar, dined in a private room, and had a great time. The restaurant was nicely decorated with vaulted ceilings and comfy booths. The service was great and the prime rib was amazing! The fare was impressive, too! Lyle generously picked up the whole tab...making all of us pretty darn huffy. After dinner, we moved the afterparty to Larry Flynt's Hustler Bar (thanks to Angel and her VIP passes).
I've never really been to a stripclub before (I've only ventured into Club RockZa's in Honolulu once to pick up a t-Shirt for Aric), and surprisingly....the place wasn't as seedy as I thought it would be. The club was nice and the dancers were not as raunchy as I expected. They didn't get butt-nekkid. Aside from removing everything except the thong, they had pasties covering their nipples. There's something about NOT showing nipple that make women look less nude. Does that make sense? Anyhow, the guys stood along the wall, while all of us girls sat and watched the show. The guys commented on how all of us girls stared harder than they did. Well yeah...don't you know that girls check out other girls more closely?! Guys don't even bother looking at the face...it's all about the rack. Whereas we look at the face, hair, makeup, outfit, abs, legs, etc. hehehe
The fellas got a lap-dance for the only single guy there- Aaron. Wing, who's in Taiwan on business, really missed out. *snicker* We picked the cutest dancer there...a filipina chick in a sassy devil costume with a kick-ass body. All of us girls supplied Aaron with gang of single dollar bills...shoving them into his shirt, down his pants, between his teeth, and also tucking some behind his ears, and made the girl work for it! HAHAHAHAHA! Gawd, we're a bunch of freaky-deakys!

3565 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94118
Tel: (415) 379-9609
Fax: (415) 379-9607

1031 Kearny
North Beach, CA
Tel: (415) 434-1301

Pictures from tonight:

left to right: Matty, Cin, Keith, El, D, Lyle, Mike, Kae, and Aaron

Mayu, Bett, Tony, Wil, Ivy, and Oli

Everyone (too lazy to name all)

Cin, Ivy, Wil, Bett, Angel, me, D, El, Kae, Trish, and Mayu

D and Lyle are flying back to the Island tomorrow, so we didn't hang out at the club for long. Out of sheer coincidence, D and Lyle gave me a bear from Build-A-Bear Workshop that they lovingly stuffed for Ashlyn. They bought it while we were in Vegas, and named it Elvis in honor of Ashlyn's first trip to Sin City. I'll be sure to take it back and put it among all the other cool loot they got Ashlyn. Thanks, you guys!

Once again, the City took my breath away. I loved being in all the different parts of SF. I really missed it.

Have a great weekend!

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