This morning Ashlyn and I met up with Corina, Kimi, and June at the park/playground for our very first playdate. "Playdate"...a word that was foreign to me until Ashlyn came along...a true indication of motherhood. I'm sure I'll be exposed to a bunch of new and interesting things being around these 'veteran' moms. It was pretty hot today and I didn't have sunscreen on hand like the other moms did. I kept Ashlyn in her stroller underneath the shade to keep from burning. I think I got bit of a tan.
It was such a pleasure seeing Cade and Sophia (who are nearly two years old) playing. They're so independent...playing in the sandbox, on the teeter-totter, or just running around on the grass. Matthew (who's 10 months old) is pretty interactive, too. As much as I want Ashlyn to remain small forever, I'm looking forward to the day she'll be able to communicate her wants and needs, and most importantly...return affection. Right now, Ashlyn's the princess of the house. Aric and I bend over backwards to accomodate her every whim...and a lot of guessing on our part. I'll be estatic when the day comes that she'll be able to wrap her lil' arms around my neck for a hug. For now, we're rewarded with her bright daily smiles! =D

We hung out at the park for a few hours then hugged everyone goodbye, and came home in time for Ashlyn's nap. I did a couple more loads of laundry and started my packing for my trip up North. My parents are so excited to see Ashlyn. Even though it's only been a month and a half since we've last saw them, I know a month and a half of missing out on seeing Ashlyn grow is a lot!
Tonight we 're having dinner with Aric's mom. It's been a while since I last visited her....better go do my good daughter-in-law deeds. hehehe

Pictures from today:

Corina holding Ashlyn and June holding Matthew

June's lil' girl, Sophia...talking on the phone

Ashlyn, Sophia, and Matthew

Sophia giving Matthew a kiss

Sophia, pushing her own baby stroller

Kimi cleaning off Cade's muddy shoes

Kimi, Cade, and Sophia

Matthew and his mommy, Corina

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