When Aric, Ashlyn, and I got up around 10:30am, Wey and Clarabell were gone...they had gotten up some time around 4am to resume gambling. They came back shortly after we woke up and ordered room service. We watched TV while Aric and I packed up our stuff and got ready to meet the rest of the group for brunch at Paris. Because they couldn't seat such a large party right away, they told us the wait would be an hour. We split off again...some went to gamble, while most just walked around. Paris is really beautiful inside. We hung around the shops and restaurants, and kicked it by the fountains. They have people walking on stilts, baguette-boys riding by on bikes, guys walking by playing the accordian, and the "live" statue...it's like a show. When we finally regrouped at the buffet, they were not able to seat us all together anyway. So the girls sat one table while the guys sat at another. While our table was busy with loud incessant chatter and laughter, we imagined the guys' table being dead silent with an occasional grunt or two. HAHAHAHA!

Pictures from today:

Aric and I, outside of Paris Casino

Wil, Bett, Wing, and Denise (with a lady on stilts in the background)

Ivy, me, and Bett...while Ashlyn looked up at the dome ceiling

...the cool glass dome ceiling

Wing and Bett

family picture

me, Wil, Bett, Ivy, Tally, D, Cin, and Mayu waiting at the buffet

Pete, Oli, Tony (with Ashlyn), Lyle, Aric, Aaron, and Wing done eating

Wil and Bett, shaking hands with the "live" statue *freaky*

Aric, Ashlyn, and I left shortly after brunch. We wanted to miss traffic on the drive back home. Unfortunately I think we were stuck in the thick of it. It took us over five hours to get home (with NO stops along the way). My bladder was screaming! When we finally got home, I practically tossed the baby (while still strapped to her seat) on the couch before darting into the loo. Luckily for me, I was wearing a skirt. hehehehe Aric and I just chilled the rest of the night. Watched the end of Fear Factor, unpacked our stuff, and went to bed early.

I had a great weekend with my friends! THANKS y'all! If we ever do another Vegas trip, I'm not going to bring the baby. The air was really bad for her sensitive skin, she didn't get as much sleep as usual, and it's just not a healthy place for lil' ones.

Hope your weekend was as fun as mine! =D

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