Pete and Tally

By the time Ashlyn and I got up this morning, Wey and his friend had left for breakfast. Ashlyn and I put our bathing suits on and headed down to the pool with everyone. The weather, even in the mid 70's, felt much chillier because of the wind. Regardless of the unusual cold, the pool area was filled with spring-breakers lounging around in almost nothing. We ate lunch by the pool and played dominos while huddling in our towels. After a while, we decided to go up, shower, change, and walk around the Strip. Cin, Bett, Wil, Ashlyn, and I walked around Bellagio and shopped at Tiffany's, then headed over to Paris for a snack. Ivy, Oli, Aaron, Mayu, Wing, and Tony walked all the way to MGM to play at Gameworks.

The Forum Shops at Caesars
3500 Las Vegas Blvd South, Suite L-3
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Tel: (702) 737-9700
Fax: (702) 737-9710

Aric got in around 8pm...just in time to join us for dinner. We celebrated Cin and Pete's birthdays at Chinois -a Wolfgang Puck restaurant specializing in delectable Asian dishes served with European style and flair. We dined on edamame, chinese chicken salad, spicy tuna rolls, sliced seared ahi tempura with asparagus, sweet and tangy pork ribs, beef roast with wasabi mashed potatoes, and spicy garlic shrimp...just to name a few. I can't remember all the dishes because I got pretty full after the appetizers, but EVERYTHING was very tasty! The decor's very art-deco, the atmosphere is fun and upbeat, and the service was impressive.
We had a great time. The table next to ours was a large group of guys celebrating someone's bachelor party. Their bill came out to a grand!...and after gathering all the money, they sent one of the guys out to put it all on BLACK. Fifteen minutes later, the guy came in with a fist full of money while their whole table cheered! DAMN!....Balls!

Afterwards, we all went our separate ways. Some went to check out the club scene at Palm's Hotel, while other stayed at Caesars to shop or gamble. Because dinner ended so late, I decided to head back to the room with Aric and Ashlyn. To my girlfriends' disappointment, I didn't join them for clubbing. As much as I want things to remain the same after having Ashlyn, I have to admit that it's pretty tough. I was dead tired and Ashlyn was fussy because her rash came back with a vengeance...it must be the dry smokey air of the casinos. =/
When Aric and I got back to the room around 1am, Wey and his friend were passed out on the bed again. They kinda disappeared after dinner and I assumed they went to continue their gamble/drink-fest...but I guess one too many dirty-martinis or cosmopolitans did them in. Dude, that's the second time I found them passed out....still in their clothes (and sometimes with shoes still on).

I know I'm going to sound like such an anal neat freak (afterall, we're talking about Vegas...the City of Sin...anything goes), but when we walked into our room, it was a blown up mess! I could barely maneuver the stroller into the room without running over clothes and shoes. Wey's a pretty neat and organized person so I didn't mind him at all, but his friend's stuff was strewn all over the place! She had a towel on my bed (where she did her ironing), left her hair dryer on my bed, and dumped all her makeup and ratty ol' hairbrush on the table where I kept all of Ashlyn's baby bottles and food. The condition of the room drove me nuts!
But that wasn't the only thing that drove me nuts...she had very little regards to sharing a room with other people. For example, this morning, when she woke up before me and the baby, she didn't bother to keep her voice down or go get ready quietly. In general, she lacked courtesy and respect. But I realized that she really wasn't there to make friends...her sole purpose was to be there with Wey. *shrug* Anyhow...enough venting.

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn showing off cleavage in her bikini. HAHAHA

clockwise: Mayu, Wil, Wing, and Ivy playing dominos..."bones, MoFO!"

me and Ashlyn by the pool

me, Wil, Bett, and Cin at Bellagio

from left to right around the table:
Wing, me, Cin, Pete, Tally, Aaron, Mayu, Tony, Wil, Ivy, Oli, and Bett at Chinois

the girls

me, Ashlyn, and Aric

Birthday Girl and Boy...

...blowing out the candles

the whole posse in front of Chinois

Matti2d and his girl, Cin

Wil, Bett, Tony, Wing, and Cin waiting for a cab

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