Happy Friday!


This morning Rich sent in this pic that he altered. Funny stuff! Thanks, man!

This afternoon, Ashlyn and I rode with Wey and his friend, Clarabell, down to Vegas. Wey was confident that we could make it in three hours...but with Friday traffic, we were lucky to have made it in less than six hours. The ride felt long as I drifted in and out of sleep. I had also developed a bit of a headache from the music selection during the ride. I don't think I've ever listened to that much heavy rock before in my life. Ashlyn slept most of the time, and by the time we got onto the Strip, all the bright flashing lights got her attention. After checking in, Wey and Clarabell hit the tables downstairs, while Ashlyn and I kicked it in the room, watched TV, relaxed, and waited for the rest of the group to show. I watched Dateline's depressing "For The Love Of Katelyn"...and when it was over, I was sobbing out of heartbreak. Another story of a parent who allowed her child to be neglected, abused, and eventually killed in her care. *sigh* Sad...really sad.

Anyhow, we're staying at the Flamingo Hilton....our home away from home in Vegas. Aside from the Flamingo, I've only stayed at MGM and Treasure Island.
Wil, Tony, and Wing got in around 10:30, and we grabbed a late dinner down at the diner. We got news that the rest of the group missed their flight out of SFO and had to wait for the next flight (which was delayed till 11:30). By the time everyone showed up, Ashlyn was deep asleep in her stroller. The girls roused her from her slumber, only to be greeted with a really angry cry. I hung out with them for a short time before calling it a night. Ashlyn and I got back to our room around 3am. Wey and his friend were passed out on the bed from all the cocktails consumed down at the tables. Wey woke up as I got ready for bed, and he joined everyone downstairs at the tables again. Wey's like the Energizer Bunny in Vegas...he's fueled by alcohol and gets by on very little sleep. It was a bit awkward sharing the room with Wey's friend, since I don't really know her and was worried that the baby's occasional outbursts may bother her. But, it was safe to say that she was pretty heavily sedated. hehehehe

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn, with auntie Wil

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