Well, it's officially the first day of Spring! That was quick. Aside from the Snowtrip to Tahoe and the month long stay up North, it didn't feel like much of a winter this year. Perhaps it's because I stayed indoors so much. The days of getting out of bed early to go to work and having the cold morning air hit my face seems so long in the past. I definitely do not miss warming up my car in the morning or occasionally scraping the frost off my windshield. Today I was invited to meet some friends at the park for a play-date, but I didn't get the email until it was long over. Everyone I know who has kids tend to wake up pretty early...which is normal. But we're a bunch of lazy-bones. Ashlyn sleeps until 11 or noon every day, so we missed out on our very first play-date. =P
I didn't do much today...cleaned up around the house, caught up on 12 issues of People magazine, and talked to Glenda, Ivy, and Wil on the phone. Glenda came over after work for our usual Wednesday night chat-fest. I fixed us dinner and we shot the breeze while Dawson's Creek was on. It was a rerun. *boring* Starting next week they'll be airing new episodes. It's about time!

Glenda's single and every week I catch up on the trials and tribulations of her singlehood. Listening to her share exciting and sweet tales of potential suitors sometimes makes me miss being a bachelorette. You know, the butterflies and smiling like an idiot for no reason. Oh...or the nervous anticipation of the first kiss. =D *sigh* But then there's always the flipside...the confusion and stress of getting to know the person, what their intentions are, and if they're right for you. Over-analyzing everything before it comes to be. It shouldn't be that way. Letting nature take it's course is the way to go, but how often does that happen? Afterall, the female gender tends to think too much...not that there's anything wrong with that, but more often than not, it works against us rather than for us. So on the days that Glenda rants, I'm thankful that I'm no longer a bachelorette and that I don't have to worry about those things anymore.

Because Aric and I were such good friends for many years before dating, I never encountered that with him. We knew everything about each other and each other's past...so there were very little surprises. The only adjustment we had was making the transition from being "just friends" to being "romantically involved"....which was a bit scary in the beginning, but we heavily relied on the trust built from all those years of friendship. The transition was wonderfully exciting though. It was getting to know and see a whole different side of someone you were already comfortable with. I had the butterflies (ten times over) and the idiotic smile was permanently stuck on my face. Trust and honesty is the basis of our relationship.
Funny...whenever I share stories of my exs with our friends, they automatically shoot quizzical glances at Aric...intensely inspecting his face for signs of jealousy. That amuses me. There's nothing he doesn't know about me. He's heard all the stories before (probably more than once): My whirlwind fling with a cute guy in Taiwan resulting in a marriage proposal...yep, he's heard that one. Psychotic ex-boyfriend knocking on my window at 2am, while cops waited for him outside my house....yep, heard that one too. I could go on, but I'd only be embarassing myself since, prior to Aric, I had THE worst luck with men. So glad those days are over! =D

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