Warm and loving wishes to someone dear and near to my heart! I love you, Girl!


May your day be filled with many happy surprises!

Today was a relaxing day. Just stayed in and resumed my regular routine. Glenda and I talked on the phone for most of the day. How she gets ANY work done on the job is beyond me. hehehe I wondered if her friend asked about me taking her kids to preschool again, but Glenda said she has yet to hear from her friend. I don't know if I want to do it again. It was definitely more challenging than I had originally imagined. Stephan had a runny nose, but kept touching Ashlyn despite my repeated requests not to, and Alexis tried to feed Ashlyn Corn Pops. *egads!* On the way home from preschool, Stephan fell asleep and wouldn't wake up, so I had to carry him into the house. But one thing's for certain...they are really adorable kids. I was telling Glenda the funny conversation I had with Alexis yesterday:
Alexis: "Um, um, um, um...are you married?"
Peg: "Yes I am."
Alexis: "Um, um, um..where did you get married at?"
Peg: "Oh, I got married at Disneyland."
(a big smile spread across Alexis' face)
Alexis: "Um, um, um...what handsome prince did you marry?"
Peg: *laughing* "His name is Aric."
(all of a sudden her eyes got really big and excited)
(I thought for a moment and then started laughing
Peg: "Yes, but not Ariel's Prince Eric."

Tonight was pretty quiet. Aric and I had dinner, then he spent the entire evening studying for his finals. I just lounged on the couch and watched TV. Dateline had a special Court TV exclusive called "Sins of the Father". Similar to the Susan Smith case, this guy was on trial for pushing his girlfriend's car into the canal, not realizing their two young sons were sleeping in the back seat. They both drowned, and he was on trial for murder. I hate hearing about parents who kill their kids...like the Andrea Yates trial. What would possess someone to harm their own children?! WHACK!

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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