To bring in some extra income, I offered to watch other people's kids. I figured since I'm home, and Ashlyn's really easy-going, I might as well offer affordable daycare to other parents. So over the weekend, a friend of Glenda's called to see if I could shuttle her 3 year old twins to preschool and back. *pause*...not exactly what I had in mind. But I'm willing to try things at least once. So I got up really early this morning, put Ashlyn in her car seat (still in pajamas), and picked up Alexis & Stephan. Because it was the twins' first time meeting me, they were a bit hesitant to leave with me...I had to bring their grandmother, who spoke NO english, along for the ride (really NOT what I had in mind). After dropping them off at preschool, I took their grandmother back home, drove myself and Ashlyn home, fed Ashlyn, napped while Ashlyn napped, got up, picked up the kids from preschool, dropped them off at home, put their booster seats back in the garage...at which point Ashlyn had a smelly poopy. *UGH!*
REALLY REALLY NOT what I had in mind. =/
Aric: "How was it?"
Peg: "I don't know if it's worth it
. It took up most of my day, and I feel like Ashlyn and I have been driving all day long!"
Aric: "Well, you don't have to do it anymore if you don't want."
Peg: "Yeah, I know." =P

When Aric came home, we went over to Ed's for dinner. Aric, Ed, and James worked on computers all night, and I fell asleep with Ashlyn on Ed and Sue's couch. I was so tired from going to bed late the past couple of nights and then having to get up so damn early both days. I was in that in-between sleep, where you can hear people around you talk but you're too tired to fully wake up. It made me dream weird stuff. When I finally woke up, it was 1am! I told Aric that we had to go. Now I'm all wired, working on my webpage. *sigh* Today was such a long day...I feel a bit weirded out from deviating from my normal schedule. I'm sure Ashlyn's none too happy about it either.

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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