Easter Craft Day at South Coast Plaza

Today Glenda and I spent the day at the mall. We bought some birthday gifts, clothes, and got haircuts at the salon. Ashlyn got a cute lil' bathing suit to splash around in for Vegas, and I got some spring clothes. Those peasant shirts are quite popular right now, so I got a couple. I like them because it allows me to hide my flab. =P The mall was crowded as usual...especially with Easter Craft Day going on at the center Carousel. I debated whether or not Ashlyn should have her picture taken with the Easter Bunny, but both Glenda and I agreed that the Easter Bunny looked a bit haggard and ugly.

So I finally did it!...I got my hair cut. I was going to wait until my next visit up North and go to my usual guy, but Glenda highly recommended this place and the people were really friendly. Sean cut my hair. He is not only gay, but FLAMIN' gay...not that I mind. He's way more feminine than I am. When he talks, he uses a lot of hand gestures and facial expressions. We had a great time getting to know one another while he cut my hair. Oh, at one point, while he was doing fringes, he was straddling my knee. I felt really embarassed having him park his nutsack on my leg. But hey, I guess he was just THAT comfortable with me. When he was finished, he tousled my hair and exclaimed gleefully, "You look GOOD, Girl!" But I frustrated him by moving the hair away from my eyes and tucking them behind my ears. Every time I did that, he'd tousle my hair again and bring stray strands over my eyes. Finally I had to tell him that I'm not used to looking like I just had sex ...he laughed and heartily slapped me on the ass. *alrighty* I really wanted to go shorter, but Sean is a self-proclaimed "artistic stylist" and didn't think a shorter cut would flatter my face and head shape. *shrug* I walked over to Glenda, who was getting a cut and color. She was getting her hair blown dry when Ashlyn started wimpering. I didn't anticipate being out for as long as I did and didn't prepare another bottle, so I didn't stick around to see Glenda's finished look.
When I came home, Aric noticed my hair right away. He likes it and I'm glad. I still think I could go shorter though. *sigh*

the hair cut

We fixed dinner together and spent the evening at home watching movies.

Ashlyn's pic of the day...checking out Craft Day

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