Happy Friday! I'm really thankful that I live in a pretty safe 'hood. Aric forgot to close the door on his way out this morning, and by the time I came down stairs (which was 5 hours later), I discovered the front door wide open! I quickly surveyed the house and nothing looked amiss. I suspected that Aric probably didn't shut the door all the way before leaving for work. It definitely got my blood pumping! Funny thing was, our thermostat is set to go off any time the temperature drops below 70. So when Ashlyn and I woke up, the room was like a sauna! *SUPER HOT!* The heater kept coming on, but I didn't think much of it. I just figured it was a hot day and the sun coming through our windows added to the warmth. I dressed Ashlyn in a onesie, and myself in a tank top and capris. But once I left our room, it was freezing! Thanks to the open door, the rest of the house was low 60's. I had to throw more clothes on the both of us. *sigh*
Today was a kick back day. Just hung out at home and patiently waited for Rich and Millie's arrival. Rich and Millie are driving in for a friend's wedding. We had dinner at CPK and talked until we were the last ones left in the restaurant.

Pictures from tonight:

Millie and Rich

me, Ashlyn, and Aric

Ashlyn with Millie and Rich

Millie and Rich playing with Ashlyn

my sweethearts

me and Millie

Rich and Aric

Have a great weekend!

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