Today was an eventful day full of visitors. Corina came by with her lil' boy, Matthew. We spent the afternoon chatting up a storm. Corina is also a fellow Northern Cal transplant...her husband is a longtime friend of both me and Aric's, and who also happens to be my brother-in-law's fraternity brother. Small world...and it just keeps on getting smaller. Corina and I also discovered that we have many mutual friends/aquaintances. It was nice hanging out with Corina and seeing 9-month old Matthew. He's adorable. Unfortunately, Ashlyn's still too young to play with other babies. She would just sit, stare, and drool...but Matthew found her quite amusing. He'd laugh every time Ashlyn pounded on her MegaSaucer. Anyhow, lucky Corina (and family) are moving back up North at the end of the month. *sigh* Yes, I'm envious! =)

Unexpectedly, Brian came home with Aric and joined us for dinner. I always get nervous cooking for others since I'm constantly cultivating my skills. hehehe But, as always, Aric is very reassuring. As a gesture of gratitude, Brian did the dishes! Whoa!...Korean man washing MY dishes?!...Yeah, baby! HAHAHAHA!

The fellas ran off to run some errands and take care of business. I watched two heart and gut wrenching segments on the Discovery Health Channel. The first segment was on "Micro-Preemies in the NICU" and the second segment was a special on "Conjoined Twins".
Ann and Phil stopped by to pick up something for their trip...they're leaving for Taiwan tomorrow. Have a fun and safe trip!

Pictures from today:


Matthew and Ashlyn smiling for the camera

Ashlyn and Brian

Ashlyn, Phil, and Ann

*YAWN!*...I'm pooped!

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