Can I just say how outrageous prescription medication costs if you don't have insurance?! Aric and I have been trying to get Ashlyn covered under his insurance, and the people in his HR department say that we have to wait until August (the next enrollment) to add her. THAT'S RIDICULOUS! It's not like we're switching from HMO to PPO, or vice-versa. They claimed that we should have submitted the paperwork within the first 30 days of her birth, but we didn't get her social security card until December...and now we have to wait until August?! That's not right. Oh, and now we're getting slapped with the bills from all her previous doctor visits. I can't believe how much they charge! Remember the time I was up North and Ashlyn caught a cold?....well that 5 minute check up cost us $150! GATDAMN!!!
So the reason I bring this up is...today I went to see how much her prescriptions were going to cost (for her rash), and each medication runs anywhere between $45- $90!...and she has 3 different medications! Dude, you might as well cut off my arm and leg right now. I decided to hold off and talk to Sue about it. Luckily, Sue had samples of the medication she got from her office. But...*ugh*...what a hassle!

Other than running errands, Ashlyn and I stayed home. Aric had class tonight, and I caught up on my Dawson's Creek. They aired two episodes back-to-back...how Dawson hooked up with Jen. Joey was hurtin'. I still think Joey and Pacey are cute together, but I guess this is what makes a soap opera dramatic. =P
Afterward, I met Aric at Ed and Sue's...I picked up the meds for Ashlyn and we hung out there for a bit.

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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