This morning Ashlyn had another well-baby check up and shots. In the parking lot of the hospital, I bumped into Natalie, a fellow classmate from Lamaze class. We excitedly checked out one another's babies and compared notes. She, too, had an easy labor and delivery...thanks to the epidural. We agreed that it's the best drug ever! HAHAHAHA! Since we both had so much to share, but had to rush off to make our appointments, we exchanged phone numbers. Natalie's baby is so cute! She has fine blonde hair, really BIG round blue eyes, long long lashes, a lil' button nose, and tiny pink lips in the shape of a triangle....a huge contrast to Ashlyn's bald head, slity lil' eyes, and chubby round cheeks. HAHAHAHA!
Ashlyn's check up went well, and aside from the mild rash she's developed on those chubby round cheeks, she's growing quite nicely. She got two shots today...*owie!* ...but brave babygirl didn't even cry! She started wimpering but stopped short and smiled when the nurse said, "All done!" in a sing-song voice. Ashlyn's so funny....how easy it is for her to become amused and forget. She got a PowerPuff Girls sticker for being such a good sport! =D

As usual, I met Aric and his coworkers for lunch. We stopped off at Office Depot before I dropped him off at work. It was such a nice warm day, and I spent the afternoon playing with Ashlyn in the sun. Besides rice cereal, Ashlyn's starting vegetables now. I mixed some strained carrots with her cereal today and she really enjoyed it. Because of the shots, she took a really long nap... allowing me to get some things done around the house, catch up on email, and relax.

Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles on Ashlyn's cheek!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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