Today was a real kick back day for me. I slept in, hung out with the baby, and Wey stopped by to change a flat (that he encountered during his bike ride nearby). After Aric got back from class, we went to the mall, bought the DeLonghi deep fryer I've been eyeing for the past couple of months, picked up some stuff at the grocery store, and DVDs at Blockbusters. Ed and Sue came over for dinner and we tested out the new fryer. We made seasoned chicken breast cutlets and french fries. Mmmm...they came out GREAT! Now I'm kinda regretting getting this thing. I mean, as yummy as it is, the last thing I need is to be consuming greasy fried foods. =P
We spent the rest of the evening watching "The Score" and munching on frozen chocolate-dipped bananas. Despite the poor reviews "The Score" received, I liked it and thought it was a pretty fun movie. Edward Norton plays a retarded guy convincingly.

Both Ed and Ashlyn fell asleep at one point...but little did Ed know, Ashlyn's naps are real short. He was startled when she woke up howling (which is common when she's still half asleep). He jumped up as if his pants were on fire, and that sudden jolt freaked Ashlyn out and she started crying for real. HAHAHAHA! We all got a big laugh at that. I've never seen Ed move so fast! =D

Pictures from Wil's day, spent with our nieces:

Amanda, Chris, Wil, and Marisa at Malibu Grand Prix, Redwood City

Amanda and Chris racing go-karts

*sigh* I miss hanging out with my nieces. Wil and Tony took them out for the day as a belated birthday gift. But I won't whine about living so far from everyone again.

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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