Ivy and Oli left for the convention pretty early this morning. I was still half asleep and in my pjs when I hugged them goodbye. I wish they didn't have to leave so soon. It was such a short visit. =( But I know both Ivy and Oli needed to get back due to prior commitments. *sigh*
For the short time Wil, Tony, or any of my friends visit, I always feel like my old carefree self again. Talking, laughing, and sharing the things that are familiar and comfortable to me. And once they leave, I go back to my quiet days....patiently waiting for the next visit. Sounds pathetic, huh? Well, I can honestly say that moving away from my family and friends was one of the hardest decisions of my life, and I'm still trying to adjust. This month will mark one year since I've moved down to Southern California, and it'll be a long while, if ever, till I can call this place "home". Don't get me wrong, I don't regret moving. But it's definitely NOT easy. I think it's also difficult for Aric as well. I went from being Miss Independent with an active social life and busy days to...
Aric: "what did you do today?"
Peg: "oh, nothing." OR "you know, the same thing."
....and fully relying on him for everything. That must be hard on him. I feel torn. And I'm always struggling with these feelings each time a visit ends. Sucks, yo.

So anyhow...as you can tell, I'm in a bummer of a mood. I spent the rest of the day cleaning up and washing the bed linens (in case Bett's coming over this weekend)...not doing much of anything. I checked email, and I have over 50 in my inbox!...mostly junk though. But Wil emailed to share another celebrity sighting she just encountered in Whistler.

Celebrity/Famous Sightings continued:
Wil- Ali Larter and Seal *very cool!*

Ashlyn in her crib this morning

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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