(Steve snowboarding in Tahoe, Feb 2001)
Wishing you a great "birfday"! =D

We always make fun of they way Steve talks...he's so "Chinatown"....birthday is pronounced "birfday" and school is pronounced "skoo". HAHAHAHA! Some of our other "city" friends talk like that, and when I used to volunteer at SF Chinatown's YMCA, all the kids spoke with the same..uh...accent?! Interesting. =P

Ivy and Oli went to the convention early in the morning, but ended up coming right back because the actual convention starts tomorrow, and today was just a seminar. And who wants to sit in on a boring seminar anyway? hehehehe Ivy, Oli, Ashlyn, and I had lunch at Mitsuwa then shopped around South Coast Plaza's Crystal Court to pick out wedding gifts for friends.

Ivy, Ashlyn, and Oli

Sticker picture of Ashlyn, with Ivy and Oli

Sticker picture of me and Ashlyn

Ivy and Ashlyn

Ashlyn watching Oli sleep

I swear...Oli has narcolepsy! At Macy's, while waiting for the wedding gift to be wrapped, Ivy, Ashlyn, and I went to use the restroom. When we came out, Oli was fast asleep on one of the furniture displays. So we plopped Ashlyn down next to him for a photo. Homeboy didn't even flinch! HAHAHAHA
For dinner, Ivy, Oli, and I cooked. Brian, Wey, Ray, and Connie came over to hang out. Afterwards, the guys washed the dishes for us, and we watched DVDs. Pictures from tonight:

Ray, Ivy, and Oli

Brian and Aric

Wey, working on a presentation

me and Ivy

Today was a fun day!...I'm pooped!

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