I love the new BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO commercials! The one where the guinea pig does tricks and juggles the mice...or when he busts out in the "Flashdance" dance. It's so adorable!!! Yeah, I know...I watch way too much television. =P

I didn't do much yesterday...just vacuumed and cleaned house. I try to vacuum often since I found tiny spider bites on Ashlyn's back, arm, and legs! *owie!* It's also my own personal obsession to keep things clean, tidy, and dust-free.
I just started realizing that Ashlyn's stuff is EVERYWHERE! After our wedding, Aric and I spent time picking out furniture and decorating the house to make it look cool. Now our home looks more like Romper Room. Ashlyn's taking over the whole house!...there's baby stuff in our room, her room, the extra room, the living room, etc...and I'm sure this is just the beginning (not that we really mind). hehehe
Last night our accountant friend came over to sort though our paperwork. Aric and I are in the midst of filing our taxes jointly. Hopefully we'll get a big enough return so Peg can go on another Girl's Trip...a cruise along the Mexican Riviera?! We'll see. *wink*

Ashlyn turns 5 months old today! What have I noticed about her this month? She prefers standing to sitting. She can grab things and bring them to her mouth. She started eating solid food. She can follow you with her eyes (even from across the room). She learned to respond to her name. She tries to imitate sounds and laughs along with others. She can pinch *ouch!*. She can grab her toes. She likes to smacks her lips. Hmmm...what else? She still smiles, "talks", and drools a lot, and she is an attention-hog! Definitely NOT a shy baby. I'm still waiting for her to roll from back to tummy or vice versa...but she hasn't yet. So now I try to give her more tummy-time.

Ivy and Oli are visiting. They're in town for some convention, and they're going to stay with us. YAY! *jumping up and down* Bett's also coming to town (tomorrow), but she'll be staying in LA for the PAC-10. I'm really excited to see them! I swear, living here is a daily reminder of how lucky I am to have such truly wonderful friends!

Ivy feeding Ashlyn

It was storming tonight...and to add to the dreariness, tonight's Dawson's Creek was a spooky one. It was similar to a teen fright flick like "Urban Legends" or "Scream". Ivy and Oli finally got in around 10pm. Aric soon followed...he stopped over at Ed's for a bit after school to pick up some stuff. I fixed us a snack and after Ashlyn was put down to sleep, we stayed up to talk and catch up.
The newlyweds look wonderfully happy, healthy, and tan from their honeymoon in DisneyWorld and New York, and their recent trip to Whistler. Ivy cut her hair after her wedding (but this was the first time I've seen it), and it's so cute! Makes me want to cut my hair short too! =)

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