HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my One and Only, ARIC!

Photo-collage of Aric's happy smiles through the years
My husband, best friend, and sweetheart, I want to wish you a very happy birthday!
What can I say that I haven't already said?....you're getting old! HAHAHAHAHA
I love you very much!

Planting a wet one on his goofy mug - company Christmas party 2000

In celebration of Aric's 31st birthday, a group of 20+ friends gathered for dinner at BJ's. I booked reservations on a monday night to avoid a long wait and crowds. Surprisingly, the place was still packed....even for a monday night! We dined on buffalo wings, bruschetta, spinach-artichoke dip, and deep dish pizzas. For dessert, we had Aric's favorite - carrot cake. =)
Pictures from tonight:

Grace and Sue

Brooke, me, and Glenda

Ben and Liz

Jeff, Phil, and Ann

Dai-lo and Toshi

Aric, Brian, and Aric's huge ol' birthday cake

Aric, opening gifts...a bottle of "Candy Ass BBQ Sauce" to go along with his new BBQ Tool Set!

The fellas- Jeff, Brian, Ed, Aric, Phil, Wey, Kent, Dail-Lo, Ben, Tosh, Rob, and Patrick

A girl shot- Liz, Grace, Ann, Sue, Ashlyn, Brooke, me, Glenda, and Linda

me and Aric

Afterwards, a bunch of friends came over to hang out at the house. Thanks to all those who made it out. You failed to get Aric stinkin' drunk, but he had a really great time regardless! And for all our friends who took turns playing with Ashlyn all night long, she slept...well...like a baby! THANKS!

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