Aric's alarm clock went off at 3:30am this morning (not that I heard it). Half asleep, I wished him luck, kissed him goodbye, then quickly fell back to sleep. Aric got back before I even got up, and he surprised me with breakfast in bed...a "super stuffed" omlette with cheese, toast, and hashbrowns! *Mmm-mmm!* =D
Before we got married, Aric's mom used to always serve him breakfast in bed on the weekends, and I was always envious...
Peg: "Dude, you're so spoiled!"
Aric: "What?"
Peg: " You always get breakfast in bed!"
Aric: "Well, it's not like I ask for it."
Peg: "Yeah, I know. I'm just jealous."
Aric: "Why?"
Peg: "Because I NEVER had someone serve me breakfast in bed!"
Well, since that conversation, I've had many breakfasts served in bed...thanks to Aric, and I LOVE IT!!! But unlike Aric, I always brush my teeth before I eat. Habit.

Today, Aric and I did our grocery shopping and baby's stuff shopping- Ranch 99, Costco, Baby's R Us. I was really surprised that he wasn't butt-tired from the 26 mile ride (and so early in the morning, too), but he was running on Powerbars. By the time we got back and unloaded and unpacked everything, he needed to lie down. Both he and Ashlyn went down for a nap, while I cleaned out the fridge and freezer of old stuff, flipped through my magazines, and cleaned up around the house. Yeah...my work is never done. hehehe

Ashlyn on Daddy, while he was sleeping

We spent a nice quiet Sunday evening at home. Watched one of my favorite movies, "Keeping the Faith". I absolutely adore both Ben Stiller and Edward Norton. I'm not a huge fan of Jenna Elfman, but I think she's great, and looks great, in this movie. If you haven't seen it, go rent it...it's funny. Both Aric and I get a big kick out of Ken Leung's part...where they're in the karaoke store. HAHAHAHAHA
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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