Wishing you both a fun day filled with everything your sweet little hearts desire!
I miss and love you both!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my girlfriend, Chi!

DANG!...my twin nieces turn 15 today! I still remember so clearly the day they were born!
The night before they came into the world, Sis came into my room and said that she was leaking water. Being a naive 15 year old, I told Sis to put on a pad and go to sleep. Six hours later, my brother-in-law woke me and Wil up, and took us to the hospital to join Sis and my mom. Being an old fashioned fella, my brother-in-law stayed in the waiting room...pacing up and down. My mom, Wil, and I were there to witness the twins being born. Amanda came out first (weighing 4lbs 5 oz) and a second later, Chris followed suit (feet first and weighing 4 lbs). They were the tiniest little things! It was truly amazing! And now...*sniff*...they'll be learning to drive, and possibly, getting boyfriends! *Gulp!* My, how the time flies! Yeah, I've been saying that a lot lately....but it's true.

Last night Aric, Wey, Ashlyn, and I met up with Ann and Phil to try on bridesmaid dresses. I was the only bridesmaid that was able to make it. We went to David's Bridal by South Coast Plaza. That place doesn't care if you take pictures, so here are some from last night:

Ann groping my "baby" fat

The corset style is very slimming! =D

Ashlyn hamming it up for Dad
(picture taken by Aric)

a rare pic of just me and Ashlyn

Afterwards, we all grabbed a bite to eat at Islands, then headed home. I missed FRIENDS again. It seems like I'm busy every thursday...and the one week I was home on a thursday, the Olympics aired in place of FRIENDS. I guess I'll have to ask Bett to fill me in...she's pretty good at describing every detail of an episode. hehehe

I decided to give Ashlyn a break from cereal today (and for the weekend ) since she made a huge fuss at this morning's feeding. She howled and angrily pounded her fists on the table each time I tried to give her a spoonful. She kept eyeing her bottle so I just gave in. Hey, if she's happy with just bottle feedings for now, that's fine by me...less work and less to clean afterward. Once again, I didn't do much. Ashlyn surprised me by taking a long nap this afternoon, allowing me to chat on the phone longer with Bett.

Tonight Aric, Patrick, and I had dinner at Aric's mom place. We ate and watched the Laker game on TV. Patrick gave all of us a box of Girl Scout cookies! If you haven't gotten any yet, you can order here! My favorites are Thin Mints and Tagalongs. *YUM!*
Have a great weekend!

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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