(Tosh getting "cozy" with Danny and Dai-Lo @Miyagi's-Sept. 1999)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Juana's lil' girl, Eryn!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Virginia's lil' boy, Matthew!

I've known Toshi for a decade, and I swear, this guy has NOT changed a bit in all the years! ....okay, maybe with the exception of the length of his hair. For a while he was sportin' the long bleached, feathered look that was all the rage in Japan. Rockstah des-ka?

Shortly after having Ashlyn, companies such as Enfamil, Carnation, and Similac sent sample tubs of powdered formula. But after I stopped breastfeeding, we favored liquid formula over powdered (because powder made her fart like there was no tomorrow). But now I am able to mix some of it into her cereal. Well...last night Ashlyn had an allergic reaction to this soy-formula, and her poor little cheeks got all red, hot, and bumpy (along with her hand and wrists that she stuck in her mouth during her feeding). So today I fed her the cereal with her usual formula. Let's see if her cheeks clear up, otherwise I think it's safe to assume that it may be the rice cereal. Hmmmm.

Today's another kickback day. Tonight I'm meeting Ann to try on more bridesmaid dresses at another place. The dress that she originally liked will take about six months...and that's cutting it a little too close to her date. Poor girl's having a difficult time with this. Oh, by the way...should any of you know of any great seamstresses in the LA/Orange County area, please email me. Ann's other alternative is to get the dresses custom made. Hopefully she'll find something she likes tonight!

"Gimme a hug!" or "Pick me up!"...I can't tell the difference. =P
Ashlyn's pic of the day

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