Today was another exciting day of "Feeding the Baby". It's like getting a new game that I can't wait to play. I supplemented cereal to three out of four feedings...and with each feeding, Ashlyn got better at taking it in without making a huge mess. She likes to stick her hand in her mouth and then smear the cereal all over the feeding table. I had to really fight the urge to clean her off everytime she did that, and just wait till after she ate to clean her off. Yeah, I'm anal.

Everyone who comes over to our place always comments on our feeding table (because it looks so different from the average highchair). Yeah, Aric and I were suckered into buying that thing. When I was six months pregnant, we got an invitation to a "Baby Product Safety" seminar at the Irvine Doubletree. Aric and I wanted to see what products were the most safe and what were being recalled. What we didn't know was that the seminar's main purpose was to promote products for Babee Tenda. The guy hosting the seminar would use a life-sized infant dummy to demonstrate safety in other highchairs, and then he would knock the highchair over...causing all the attendees to gasp in horror. What better way to sell a product than to play on new parents' fears. Needless to say, Aric and I bought the feeding table AND crib! Both were pretty damn expensive, but as long as Ashlyn's safe, it's worth it.




Wil, Tony, and a bunch of friends back at home at taking off to Whistler tomorrow! Just wanted to wish them all a fun and safe trip! =D
Didn't do much tonight...hung out with Aric and Ashlyn. Watched a bunch of lame sitcoms then watched Dateline's "Behind Closed Doors". I can't believe three more days till March!...where did the time go?!

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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