In case you're wondering why my webpage was so jacked up today...it's because our hard drive was acting up last night and we transfered all my web stuff over to another folder, and that caused broken links and such (even though Aric thinks there should have been nothing wrong by doing that). I'm not as computer savvy as Aric, so I had no idea how to fix the problem. Luckily, Aric fixed it from work and everything's all good now. I really should become more familiar with all the technicalities of the computer and webpages since it's a big part of our lives and we depend so much on it. But....ehhhh, I'm so old skool. You want to know how old skool? Well, I have a Palm (since 1996, and even upgraded to a newer version last year), but every year I still get one of those pocket-calendars to jot down all my appointments, important dates, and phone numbers. I'm more comfortable with that. While everyone busts out their PDAs and beam each other information, I dig through my purse for my pocket calendar and handy pen. While Aric loves getting, and getting the low-down on, the newest gadgets, I'm hesitant and intimidated by them. I made a big fuss when Aric got me a "new & improved" digital camera to replace my old digital camera. Then over the weekend, we both got new cell phones (because I dropped mine one too many times, and it broke)...and I kept whining about how I wanted the same phone. Aric laughed, saying they stopped making that model. *pout* It takes me a while, but I eventually warm up to this high-tech stuff. *sigh*
So anyway...I spent part of the day trying to figure stuff out on the computer. But everytime the hard drive made that awful scratching sound, I backed off. Yeah, I know...it's not going to byte. Get it???...byte....bite....okay, nevermind.

Mmmmm-mmm good!

Tonight Ashlyn had her first taste of rice-cereal! Lately she's been watching us eat dinner with wide excited eyes, so I thought I'd introduce solids now. She's in the typical age group and started displaying signs of readiness. It was cute. The first couple of spoonfuls just oozed right out. But then she started taking it in...and then she started getting greedy and would pitch forward and try to grab the spoon and bowl. Both Aric and I had to hold her back. When I was done, she wasn't satisfied...she wanted MORE! But I didn't want to give her too much at one time...especially the first time. I had no idea if she may be allergic and throw it up later. To my relief, it stayed down. I'm happy, yet a bit sad....my little girl's growing up so fast! *sniff*

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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